• Super soft breast pump cushions


Is your breast pump comfortable enough?

You're not alone.

We've spoken with hundreds of mums.​ So many of us have pain or discomfort and a feeling of failure for not collecting enough milk. And that's on top of feeling like a cow. 

Meet milkdrop


Milkdrop fits on your breast pump head, making it softer on your nipples


"Milkdrop completely changed the pumping experience. I didn't think it could be this comfortable."

Lucy, Melbourne

"The cushion makes my breastfeeding sessions much more enjoyable, comfortable, stress and pain free. I feel at ease and able to switch my mind off from pumping. I wish I had my hands on one much earlier."

Sarah Jane, Northern Rivers

"The cushion was so soft on my nipples, it’s almost like you’re not pumping. It’s like the difference between polyester bedsheets and silk bedsheets for your nips."

Jill, Melbourne

"It feels much more comfortable than a regular pump, like I am feeding my baby. It is much easier to get good nipple placement."

Erika, Melbourne

"Total game changer! A million times better than shoving your boob in a hard plastic funnel!"

Laura, VIC

Every woman is different

We have two sizes of cushion.

Let's figure out which one is best for you.