Our mission

We exist to support women in the transition to motherhood.
Being a parent has always had its challenges, but it’s fair to say it feels harder now than ever before.

We have so much to navigate. For many mums, there’s pumping, parental leave, childcare, work, home and relationship commitments - not to mention all the hormonal highs and lows a new baby brings. 

So we founded Milkdrop.

Designed for people with breasts, by people with breasts.

Alex, Milkdrop’s founder, struggled with pumping. In the days, weeks and months that followed the birth of her daughter, Alex began to realise she was not alone. There are many, many women who share her problem. 

As many of us unfortunately know from firsthand experience - pumping can cause damage, pain and discomfort, and can make you feel like a cow.

Being an engineer, Alex founded Milkdrop to find ways pumping could be easier, more enjoyable and empowering for women. 

We’ve started by creating a super soft silicone breast pump cushion that protects your nipples while you pump. 92% of women who’ve used the cushion, say it’s more comfortable to pump thanks to less nipple swelling and redness. 

This is a great start, but we’re by no means done.

Milkdrop is working with a team of designers, doctors, engineers, clinicians, lactation consultants and women who pump to rethink the design of the entire breast pump - putting women’s comfort front and centre.