About Us

Hi there, we're Milkdrop. We're here to help you feel good about pumping. After speaking with hundreds of women about breastfeeding and pumping, we're on a mission to completely redesign the breast pump, and hopefully remove the pain, discomfort and frustration felt by so many women. 


Milkdrop started when Alex had trouble using pumps herself. 

Alex's daughter had a tongue tie and struggled to latch. For the first few weeks, Alex was on a three-hour feed and pump cycle desperately trying to maintain milk supply.

She ended up with nipple pain and damage, but was grateful for the pump because it meant she could provide some breastmilk for her daughter.

As she spoke with other women, Alex realised that she wasn't alone in dreading pumping. It seemed that this was yet another area where women's pain and discomfort was unnecessarily overlooked.

Being an engineer, she thought she could improve the experience, and assembled our team - Andrew (medical doctor), Daniel (design engineer) and Ravi (prototyping expert) - to create and test a pump that started with the experience of the woman using it.

Redesigning a pump is a big project, and we want to solve the immediate pain, damage and discomfort women are suffering as quickly as possible. So, we've created a soft silicone cushion, which fits your pump, making it feel softer, more natural and far more comfortable.

We think this small design change to how your pump feels at the breast, could make a huge difference for many women. 

Alex, Andrew, Ravi and Daniel

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