Our mission

For every 10 women using a breast pump, 7 have nipple discomfort and 8 feel like a cow. We want to change how you feel about breast pumps, by redesigning the breast pump from the nipple up. 

Alex Sinickas, founder of milkdrop

Why we're doing this

We started working on a new design when Alex (that's her above) was pumping to feed her daughter. She was on the three-hour feed and pump cycles, and ended up with nipple pain, discomfort and frustration. After hearing that so many of her friends had similar problems, being an engineer herself, she set out to design a pump that starts with the experience of the woman using it. 

Who we are  

We are a small team: Alex (design), Andrew (medical doctor), Daniel (engineering), Ravi (manufacturing) and Katie (marketing). We have gratefully received support from Swinburne University and an Australian  Government grant for female led and owned businesses. 

We hope our cushions, and eventually our pump, leaves you feeling strong, beautiful and supported. 

x Alex & the Milkdrop team