Not your average breast pump co.

Started by Alex (an engineer, mum who pumped and a certified lactation counsellor CLC), we create products to help you express milk that have evidence to back them, with the information you actually need to use them.

Our mission

We exist to support you in parenthood.
We're starting by changing the way mums experience pumping.

Our design approach

Pumping can cause damage, pain and discomfort, and can make you feel like a cow. 🐄

We started by creating super soft silicone breast pump cushions to protect your nipples, but we've got some more going on too. In our blog, we share how we are working on changing breast pump design from the nipple up - putting women’s comfort front and centre. If you are working on your own products, or intrigued by how they come about, you might find this interesting.

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