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Maybe you’re wondering

Our cushions are designed to last for 6 months, depending on how often you pump. This is compared with other cushions which last 2-6 weeks. You’ll actually end up saving between $150 - 250 using a Milkdrop cushion when compared with others on the market. We’re also 4 x softer than other breast cushions, and don’t your nipples deserve the softest pump ever?

Read more about how to measure your nipples. If you’re still not sure, 90% of people need a small cushion.

Don’t worry! We offer 30 day free returns on your first order. If your cushion doesn’t fit and you want to try another size, or it’s not working for you, just email our team and we’ll arrange a refund.

Right now, we ship to Australia and the US. We will be expanding very soon, so if you’d like to know when we will be shipping to your country, sign up for our emails at the bottom of this page.

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