What are breast pump cushions?

What are breast pump cushions?

Pumping doesn’t have to suck! But try telling that to your breasts when you are on your 5th pump of the day. While there are things you can do. If you have tried them all, or you want to start your pumping journey off on the right foot, a breast pump cushion may be right for you.

What are breast pump cushions?

What is a breast pump cushion? Breast pump cushions are soft inserts that attach to the flange of your breast pump. They are designed to provide a comfortable interface with your breast, reducing discomfort caused by friction of your breast against the plastic flange. This reduction in pain or discomfort can have a huge flow on effect, possibly allowing a greater increase in oxytocin and therefore letdowns and a more efficient pumping session. 

Why should I use breast pump cushions?

Pump cushions are important for a number of reasons:

  1. They help to make the pumping experience more comfy! As the 7 out of 10 people who experience pain or discomfort when pumping know, pumping is a tough gig. Cushions can help bring relief from nipple swelling, redness and chafing, and importantly make pumping comfier for 95% of women (results from our milkdrop cushion). 
  2. May improve milk flow and efficiency of pumping. As we explained above, pain inhibits the release of oxytocin (one of the hormones associated with breastfeeding. So a more comfortable pump may allow better letdowns and therefore milk flow and efficiency. This can help you to pump more milk in less time, which can be a real lifesaver for those who are trying to balance pumping with other responsibilities (aren’t we all)! 
  3. Help prevent nipple damage. Your breast just isn’t meant to sit against a hard plastic flange. Breast pump cushions may provide a soft cushion between the flange and the breast, which, especially when it also allows your nipple to move freely - like our milkdrop cushions, can help reduce the friction on the nipples and prevent damage.

What to buy - Milkdrop cushions 

Which breast pump cushion should you buy? Well, with a healthy bit of nepotism I’d have to suggest our Milkdrop cushions, but with good reason. Our Milkdrop cushions are 10x softer than your pump AND up to 4x softer than other breast pump cushion brands. 

With Milkdrop, your nipple actually moves with the cushion. Our patent pending design (which has taken us 4 years to perfect!) supports your nipple and areola while still allowing them to move, so you’re not crushed up against hard plastic.

They're also designed with soft ridges to mimic baby’s tongue and palate, rather than just a plain ol’ flat silicone circle.

This results in 95% of women finding pumping more comfy.


We hoped you might be.

Check out our comfy Milkdrop breast pump cushions here

Or if you use a wearable pump, sign up to our waitlist for our wearable cushions here. Launching oh so soon. 

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