We're biased, but here's why you should try a Milkdrop cushion.

  • 10x softer than your pump

  • 95% of women find pumping more comfy

  • Risk-free returns for 30 days on your first order

We're way cheaper

Yep, you’ll pay around $25 for a set of cushions from imitation brands, but they’re only designed to last a couple of weeks. Our design is award-winning, 95% of women say they make pumping more comfy, AND they will last for 4 to 6 months, saving you up to $300.

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We're way softer

Our cushions are made from the softest silicone available. We’re 10x softer than your flange and up to 4x softer than other breast pump cushion brands.

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We’re way nicer (with free returns).

Nobody else does returns like we do.

For 30 days, you’ll get free returns on your first cushion. And you won’t have to beg for your money back either - the only questions we’ll ask are about how we can help.

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We're better designed

With Milkdrop, your nipple actually moves with the cushion. Our patent pending design (which has taken us 4 years to perfect!) supports your nipple and areola while still allowing them to move, so you’re not crushed up against hard plastic.

They're also designed with soft ridges to mimic baby’s tongue and palate, rather than just a plain ol’ flat silicone circle.

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We hoped you might be.

You'll love Milkdrop's super soft cushions

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