Milkdrop's baby shower gift guide

Milkdrop's baby shower gift guide

Baby shower gift guide: gifts for the new mother

A new baby is always cause to celebrate, but with today’s oversaturated baby product market it can be very difficult to settle on the perfect gift for your friend or family member’s upcoming baby shower. Or perhaps you are planning a baby shower yourself, and want to get an idea of some items you may actually need (clue: you can probably do without that wipes warmer). We’ve curated a special selection of items that are genuinely useful for a new mother.

Should I get a baby shower gift for the baby or the mother?

If you’re shopping for a baby shower, or compiling a registry for yourself, you may be unsure of whether you should be focusing on cute baby products or a gift for the mother herself. Here at Milkdrop, we are all about making sure mum puts on her own oxygen mask first; so although tiny socks and knitted blankets are adorable, we think giving something to the new mum is an even more special gift. You can rest assured that plenty of other guests will be bringing cute baby items! And if you are planning the shower for yourself, be sure to include some items on your registry that will benefit you - you really won’t need fifty size 0000 rompers, even if they are adorable. 

What makes a good baby shower gift?

There is of course no “wrong” way to gift, but what really makes a good baby shower gift? Since we can safely assume that there will be plenty of cute baby clothes and toys given on the day, a gift that is practical while also being aesthetically pleasing can be a real winner. Something that the mother to-be needs and will use on a regular basis after the baby arrives. If it’s your registry, think of some items that you actually need and really don’t want to have to schlep down to Baby Bunting to buy for yourself. If you don’t already have a breast pump, this can be a great big ticket item to add to your list. And don’t forget a breast pump cushion to ensure you have a comfy pump from day one. 

What are the fourth trimester must-haves?

The fourth trimester can be a really intense (and beautiful) stage, so preparing ahead of time can help make the weeks following birth as calm as possible. Items that really help you during the fourth trimester are what we have in mind. Our favourite products for new mothers are:

  • Colostrum kit - so you have some liquid gold on hand straight after birth. Just make sure to remind them to double check with their birth team before they start collecting! 
  • Milk collectors - so you don’t waste all that excess leakage.
  • Heat/cool pack - in case discomfort strikes.
  • Breast pads - because you have enough new laundry to do!
  • Pumping bra - for easy access and comfort.

What are some things to avoid buying for a baby shower?

To be clear, there is no such thing as a bad baby shower gift. However, there are some very common baby shower gift items that we personally think are not necessary! Although it is certainly personal preference, and some mother’s may disagree, we think new mothers can do without products such as wipe warmers, newborn shoes, change table (controversial!) and nappy bags. 

What are some non-material gifts I can give?

We love the idea of gifting non-material gifts for a new mother at her baby shower. Some of the things we would ask for if we had our time again would be vouchers for meal delivery services, cleaners, or massages. Asking close friends and family to come over after bub arrives with some pre-made meals, or to do a few loads of laundry, is another great non-material gift idea. If you are planning your baby shower and want to nurse and/or pump, you may consider asking for guests to put money towards a lactation consultant fund to save you some cash while you’re on maternity leave.

Can’t decide what the new mother would need most? That’s why we created the ultimate pumping kit.

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