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Milkdrop Traditional MD1 Pump -

Milkdrop Traditional MD1 Pump -

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Express milk to feed your baby, without the pain and discomfort.

Developed from years of research on nipple size, shape and comfort, the secret sauce of this pump is how the cushion moves and moulds to your nipple, making it feel just that little bit more natural.

Find the perfect fit for YOUR body, rather than being forced to fit into a one or two-size-fits-all. Take our quick and easy size quiz here


  • Hospital grade, dual pump. As powerful as other well known, hospital-grade brands, just smaller, prettier and more comfortable.
  • Quiet (no whoosh whoosh - IYKYK)
  • Teeny tiny. Fits in your hand and won’t take up cupboard space.
  • Not ugly. Trust us, it’s important when you’re looking at it 10 times a day.
  • Massage function which can help with letdown.
  • Up to 10 suction levels to suit your body.
  • No nasties - medical-grade silicone, BPA and additive free.
  • Easy to clean - dishwasher, sanitiser and steriliser friendly.
  • Inbuilt rechargeable battery
  • Unlike cheaper pumps, this pump is manufactured in a medical-grade facility to international standards for medical device manufacturing, with proper quality and safety controls. 


  • 1 x Milkdrop breast pump
  • 2 x Breast pump cushions (in your size)
  • 2 x Breast shield sets including:
    - Breast shield x 2 (in your size)
    - Bottle, teat, lid and cap x 2
    - Backflow protector x 2
    - Duckbill valve x 2
    - Tubing x 2
  • Power adaptor

All components in contact with your milk are BPA free.

Technical specifications

  • Weight 250g main unit
  • Bottle capacity 160ml x2
  • Suction 50-280mmHg
  • Battery 7.4V 900mAh Li-Polymer
  • Consumption 24W
  • Protection Class II, Type BF
  • Noise <45dB
  • Settings 2x modes, 10x levels
  • Rated Power Input 100-240V, 0.8A
  • Output DC12V = 2A

    Why you need it

    This pump has everything you'd expect from a modern pump, but with a difference - an award-winning, ultra-soft, medical-grade silicone cushion that attaches to the pump head to protect your nipples and areola.

    Designed and patent pending (it's taken us 4 years to perfect!) by women who have actually pumped, it may be the missing piece to help you with nipple swelling, redness and chaffing.

    How to use it

    Attach your cushions, choose your suction (low to start with) and suction pattern mode, fit your breast into the flange and press go. This pump has 10 settings so you can find the right suction level for you. Use it if you're exclusively pumping, wanting to stimulate your milk supply, or to be able to feed your baby breast milk when you're not with them.

    How it works

    Remove milk from your breast to feed your baby, but do it quietly, comfortably and with something pretty to look at.

    Comes by default with Milkdrop breast pump cushions for an even comfier pump.

    What it's made of

    Our cushions are medical-grade silicone (not just food grade). The pump is made from BPA-free silicone and plastic.

    All our pumps are made in medical-grade facilities to international medical device manufacturing standards, which means they are reliable and high quality. You and your baby's safety is our highest priority - we don't cut corners.

    What it works with

    Designed to pair perfectly with Milkdrop traditional breast pump cushions for the ultimate comfy pump.

    How to clean

    Follow the FDA guidelines when cleaning your pump and parts. The TLDR?
    1. Rinse in cold water
    2. Wash separately using soapy, warm water
    3. Rinse again in hot water
    4. Leave to dry on paper towel or clean drying rack.

    Easy peasy! (Or, even easier, get someone else to do the washing for you, since you're spending your time pumping)

    • Mum approved
    • Made with no nasties
    • Research backed
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    Milkdrop pumps and cushions come in different sizes to suit your body.

    Here's how to measure your nipple (not your flange or your areola).

    Don’t have a tape measure handy? Start with a size small or contact us We're happy to help.

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