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100g Pharmaceutical Grade Australian Lanolin -

100g Pharmaceutical Grade Australian Lanolin -

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100g of 100% pharmaceutical grade lanolin. Processed and manufactured in South Australia. "Yeah, it's just lanolin", you might be saying, but this here is different. It's pharmaceutical grade, which is the absolute best quality around, AND it's ok for baby to ingest (unlike the cosmetic stuff, which might be rated 'food grade' but can still contain a bunch of additives and pesticides).

The only thing in the tube is lanolin, which means you're not paying for a bunch of ingredients that sound nice, but do nothing for your nips, don't provide a lubricant for pumping AND aren’t tested or purified to a particularly high quality. 

Why you need it

This one’s an IYKYK, cult product. Mums around the world swear by lanolin and its magical soothing properties, which moisturise, nourish and soothe cracked nipples. But it’s not just your nips that’ll benefit – chuck it on lips, elbows and (baby’s) bums. It’s also double the size of most other lanolin tubes on the market.

How to use it

Squirt out your desired amount, then warm it between your fingers to soften up the lanolin. Apply it directly to your sore, cracked nipples. 

How it works

Lanolin is an emollient that stops moisture from evaporating from the skin, while also being super hydrating and softening. If you’ve got sore, cracked nipples, this tube of goodness provides a protective coating for soothing.

What it's made of

There’s only one thing inside this tube. 100% pure, ultra-refined, pharmaceutical grade lanolin. Processed and manufactured in South Australia, it’s also 100% true blue.

What it works with

This lanolin isn’t picky – it pairs perfectly with all of our pumping essentials.

How to clean

Pharmaceutical grade lanolin is the safest for your baby, so you don’t need to scrub it off your nipples before pumping or feeding.

  • Mum approved
  • Made with no nasties
  • Research backed

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