How to set up your pumping station 

Being a pumping mother is… busy. Between caring for your baby and the scheduling, cleaning and hard work of pumping it’s perfectly normal for it to feel like a lot at times. Having a dedicated pumping station with everything you need, plus a few self care items, can go a long way in setting you up for success. 

Why you may want to set up a pumping station 

Do you need a dedicated pumping station? No. Is it nice to have? We think so! Whether or not a pumping station is beneficial for you may depend on how often you pump and what type of pump you use. For instance, if you’re using a wearable electric pump you likely won’t need much of a station, since you might just pop it on and continue with your day. However, if you’re pumping frequently with a manual or traditional electric pump (or like to use that time as a bit of a break!), a pumping station can be very helpful. 

Where to set up your pumping station

Where you set up your pumping station is entirely up to you. Do you enjoy pumping in front of the TV? Or perhaps your usual spot is at the dining table with a cup of coffee? To keep your home organised, a trolley cart can be a great base for a pumping station. Or, if you prefer to pump in bed, you can easily set up a station on your bedside table to keep everything in reach. 

What to include in your pumping station set up

The aim of having a dedicated pumping station is to keep everything in one handy spot - so you aren’t stopping and starting to grab things all over the place. 

Our ideal pumping station would include:

  • Pump and pump parts 
  • Bottles
  • Milkdrop cushions 
  • Water bottle 
  • Snacks such as muesli bars or crackers 
  • Breast pads 
  • Lactation massager 
  • Wipes or cloths, in case of spills 
  • Kindle, books or magazines 
  • Hand cream  
  • 1 container for clean parts, 1 for dirty

Your pumping station should make your life easier; especially for those late night or early morning pumping sessions. Setting up a dedicated station is also a great opportunity to sneak in some self care items that you may forget at other times. Creating a habit of taking your vitamins or using a facial mask while pumping can be a great daily boost.