Milkdrop Breast Pump Cushion

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Meet Milkdrop, an ultra-soft, medical-grade silicone pad, that stretches over the head of your pump. 

Milkdrop supports and moulds to your nipple, perfect for sore, elastic, swollen or cracked nipples still adjusting to breastfeeding and pumping.

  • 100% medical grade. Plastic, BPA and additive-free. 
  • Designed to last the life of your breast pumping journey
  • Dishwasher, sanitiser and steriliser friendly
  • Compatible with Medela, Spectra, Avent breast pumps (with a hack for Elvies).
  • Fast and friendly returns through a 30-day trial
  • In the reusable box: 1 x sealed cushion, 1 x food-grade reusable storage case, instruction card.  


      TOP FAQs

      Milkdrop is at least 4x softer than other inserts, and 10x softer than your pump head. It's squishiness, and smaller nipple hole supports you where the most nipple swelling occurs, in the areola next to the nipple. The ridges on the back are designed to closer mimic a baby suckling, making pumping feel quite different to what you're used to. Milkdrop is made from medical-grade silicone (not just food-grade silicone), which is designed for placing against cracked or damaged nipples.

      Unsure or buying for a friend or partner? Pumping can be hard to get right, and we encourage you to experiment to find what works. Try Milkdrop for 30 days, and then contact us for fast and friendly refunds if it's not for you. 

      Milkdrop comes in one size for now. Our cushion best suits women with smaller nipples (flange sizes smaller than 27mm) to reduce the rub and tug of pumping. For women with larger nipples, or women who are already on the highest setting on their pump, we have something coming for you in August. To help us tailor future cushion sizes and pumps for you, please take our survey

      Milkdrop fits Medela, Spectra or Philips Avent.

      Milkdrop fits any flange size for Medela, Spectra or Philips Avent pumps except for the extra large (30mm+). It is particularly helpful if you suspect your current flange size is too large. 

      Stretch the cushion onto your breast pump flange and hook the lip of the cushion over the edge. Make it nice and snug all the way around, and pump as you normally would.

      Yes. The cushion is medical-grade, not just food-grade, and is designed to be gentle on your skin, even with cracked nipples. 

      Wash as you would any other breast pump part - with warm soapy water, rinse in drinking-quality water and air dry. It's also dishwasher, santiser and steriliser-safe.

      More questions?

      See our full FAQs

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 12 reviews
      It felt like a nipple hug

      It felt like a nipple hug and made pumping far more pleasant

      It's almost like you're not pumping

      The cushion was so soft on my nipples, it's almost like you're not pumping. It's like the difference between polyester bedsheets and silk bedsheets for your nips.

      Extremely comfortable and easy to use.

      My nipple fit into milk drop like a glove!

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