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Milk Flow Accessories Kit -

Milk Flow Accessories Kit -

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Are you even a pumping mom if you haven’t wondered how to make the most of your next pumping session?

Add this Milk Flow kit to your pump order, and receive the extras you need to help increase your output, as well as an evidence-based guide to your email on how to get the best out of your pump. 

What's included

1 x Warming Lactation Massager for gentle warmth and massage.
1 x Heat & Cool pack (which includes 2 x gel inserts and covers), shaped to fit around your pump and breast.
1 x Lanolin (100g pack - it's a lot!)

Why you need it

There are a couple of things (that are actually based on research) that can increase your milk output during a pumping session:

  1. How comfy you are. Our pumps already come with ultra-soft cushions and proper help with sizing, but it doesn't have to stop there. Lanolin can help lubricate the cushion or pump flange and help your nipple slide better.
  2. Warmth. Studies show that warming your flange or cushion can stimulate letdown and increase milk flow. That’s where our heat pack comes in. Place in over your bra or on your skin (if it's not too hot). It will feel calming and may help with milk flow.
  3. Hands-on pumping (aka gentle massage while you pump). Oh hello, Warming Lactation Massager, who combines both warmth and massage into one device. Choose a low vibration setting and place it against your flange to vibrate it and stimulate letdown. Then, keep that low vibration setting add some low warmth and pop it in your bra.

How it works together

We’ve stuffed this kit full of goodies that have been shown to help increase milk flow. We'll also send you a guide by email to explain exactly how to (and how-not-to) use them all together.

What it's made of

Massager: Silicone coating (not made from natural rubber latex)

Heat / Cool Packs: BPA and phalanthate free plastic with bamboo covers.

Lanolin: 100% pharmaceutical (highest) grade made in Australia. It might not sound as fancy as cosmetic lanolin which adds things like witch hazel and aloe, but these extra ingredients aren't necessarily test or purified to high enough quality for us to stand behind.

  • Mum approved
  • Made with no nasties
  • Research backed

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