Here are three options for providing cushions to your clients or community.

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1 Wholesale

A great option if you already sell products in your clinic. Use our samples to size your clients, and then order a wholesale starter kit with 10 cushions of your choice of size mix. Contact us when you're ready to restock! 

USA prices:

  • Wholesale price per cushion: US$11
  • RRP for single cushion: US$22
  • RRP for double cushion: US$39
  • You earn US$11 per single cushion, or US$17 per double set you sell
  • MOQ 10 cushions

Australia prices:

  • Wholesale price per cushion: A$21
  • RRP for single cushion: A$42
  • RRP for double cushion: A$71.40
  • You earn A$21 per single cushion, or A$29 per double set you sell
  • MOQ 10 cushions

Postage excluded, but we will charge cost only.

2 Dropship

If you already have an eCommerce store set up with Shopify or similar, we can ship directly to your client when they order through your website. We'll invoice you 80% of sale price monthly.

USA prices:

  • RRP: US$22 for single, US$39 for pair
  • You earn: US$4.40 for single, US$7.80 for pair (20%)

Australian prices:

  • RRP: A$42 for single, US$71.40 for pair
  • You earn: A$8.40 for single, A$14.28 for pair (20%)

3 Affiliate link

This is the simplest option! Share a unique code with your clients to order from our Milkdrop website. We'll return 10% of the price to you monthly for your clients using the code. Please ask them to enter the code at checkout though (or we'll have no way to track them!).

USA prices:

  • RRP: US$22 for single, US$39 for pair
  • You earn: US$2.20 for single, US$3.90 for pair (10%)

Australian prices:

  • RRP: A$42 for single, US$71.40 for pair
  • You earn: A$4.20 for single, A$7.14 for pair (10%)


What is the pricing?

Please see above for pricing. We adjust pricing from time to time, but we will inform you, and make sure your next order is updated to the new pricing.

What is your returns and customer service like?

  • We offer 30 day free returns for a customer's first order, to give them time to figure out if the cushion works for their body, their pump and how they're using it. You are welcome to also offer 30 day free returns to your clients!
  • We manage all returns and customer service on your behalf, but we're also happy to walk you through the common questions and how to troubleshoot.
  • We typically respond to customer enquiries within 48 hours.
  • If a customer contacts you about a return, please forward us their details and we’ll help them through their options. Alternatively, you can process the return in clinic, and we will refund you at the next order (for wholesale orders), or at the end of the month (for drop-shipping).
  • Please record the reason and any details for the return - we use this to try improve the design for all women who are pumping.
  • Our current return rate is between 5-15%, most commonly for less milk or wrong sizing. Sometimes we send out other sizes (free of charge) if we think it's a sizing issue, and sometimes we just refund. We will also provide you a summary of customer feedback, in case it’s helpful for other clients.

How do I size people?

We have 4x sizes (XS, S, M, L) ranging from 15mm to 30mm nipple diameters.

Most people fit a size S, followed by XS and M. We rarely send out L cushions, and always double check that they are measuring the nipple, rather than the areola or flange size first. Have a chat with us to figure out a good mix for you if you're planning to sell wholesale.

Here's a video on how to size the cushions

The sizes are based on nipple diameter, not areola diameter, breast size or flange size. 

Which pumps and flanges are compatible?

Milkdrop cushions fit most flange sizes on most pumps. See the list of compatible pumps here.

For people who don't have elastic nipples, they can attach it to the standard flange that comes with their pump (typically 24mm).

For people who do have elastic nipples, it's a bit trickier. They need to attach their cushion to a flange that's the same or 1-2mm wider than the cushion to avoid their nipple swelling once it passes through the cushion.

We see best results when the cushions are used together with silicone sizing inserts on a standard 24mm flange, but you can also put Milkdrop on a smaller flange sizes (e.g. 17mm, 21mm). Please reach out if you want to double check the setup at

How do I instruct on the right fit?

As with many pumping related sizing issues, the right fit should be comfortable and should yield good milk flow for that person.

It also takes some trial and error to find the right fit. They should only need to pump for a minute or less to figure out fit.

If they experience any pain, please stop using the cushions and contact us. If you have any questions about sizing, please contact us  for help! 

Here are some experiences and fixes:

  • Nipple is being restricted from moving >> Try the cushion one size up.
  • Areola is being sucked through during pumping, or swollen after pumping >> Try the cushion one size down.
  • The cushion size feels good, but the nipple swells once it passes through the cushion >> Try a smaller flange or use an insert on their current flange*.
  • The cushion size feels good, but the cushions starts to move off-centre or slip towards the tunnel >> Try a smaller flange or use an insert on their current flange**.

 *People with more elastic nipple tissue need to use flange sizes close to their 'correct' size, rather than the usual 24mm flange.

**People with flatter or inverted nipples may be more prone to the cushion moving off-centre. 

Does the cushion affect milk volume?

Most women will see an increase in comfort and little change or an increase in milk volume. However, about 10% of women will see less milk flow and volume - they will need to stop using the cushions to maintain their supply if exclusively pumping, and to avoid the associated with inefficient milk transfer. We offer full refunds for women experiencing problems with the cushions. 

Where can my clients get help?

They can contact us anytime at, or message us on instagram @milkdrop_pumps. We'd love to help - it doesn't matter where they purchased their cushions from.

Do you have other products?

Yes, we do! We try to design and provide products that support people to breastfeed and pump as best they can. Please visit our shop to see the kinds of products we offer.

If you are based in the USA, please take a look at our Australian products to see the sort of range that we have. Not all these are available in the USA yet, but we can send some over to you if you'd like to place an order.

Next steps

Place an order with us at!

Or if you'd prefer, book a 20 minute consultation with our team to cover:

  • Flange sizing
  • Fitting
  • How we manage returns
  • Any other questions you may have

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