USA Pilot Pumping Program

 Milkdrop's soft silicone cushions are now available in the USA.

Join our US Pilot Program to access a limited (and discounted!) run of our cushions, in return for completing a short survey to share your opinion with our design team.

gif of cushion going onto breast pump flange  

👆These ultra-soft cushions are specifically designed to protect
your nipple and make your pump extra comfy.

How to join

First, fill out this survey to see if you qualify.
If you're selected, you will receive:
A discount link for Milkdrop Pump Cushions
✨ Pumping support via our Facebook group
✨ No more pain while pumping!

Pumping shouldn’t be uncomfortable

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Our entire mission is to help make pumping a comfier, more relaxed experience for moms. But to do that, we need your help to spread the word that pumping doesn’t have to be painful.

Share this pilot with your friends, and join us at @milkdrop_pumps


Why aren’t there more spots available?
We have limited stock available while we wait for another production run. Because we’ve had so many requests (and pumping sucks right now), we’re running the pilot to get the cushions we do have out to you.

Why is this just for the USA?
We have registration with the FDA and its equivalents in Australia and NZ. As soon as we are registered with the agency in your country, we'll be there for you too. 
How does the cushion work?
Milkdrop supports your nipple and areola with super soft silicone that moves with your nipple as you pump, designed to reduce swelling and redness. 

How do I figure out my size?
Getting the right size will make a big difference to your comfort and milk flow. Both super important. You can find your size by measuring across the base of your nipple (not your areola) with a ruler. Confused? There are instructions to help you in the quiz.

Do you do returns?
We have a 30-day trial period, with free and friendly returns if you don’t find the cushion more comfortable. There’s nothing to lose giving this a try.

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