IFU - wearable breast pump MD2 / RBX8031

Intended Purpose and User: The Milkdrop breast pump cushion is to be used by lactating women to provide a softer interface between the breast and the existing breast pump. 

Instructions for Use:
1. Remove packaging and wash before use. Inspect for tears or discolouration. 
2. Remove existing inserts from your pump. 
3. Stretch your cushion around the flange of your wearable pump. Hold the pump firmly in one hand, hook the cushion over the head, and work your way around. You can stretch the cushion quite far without damaging it. Make sure the hole in the cushion is aligned with the hole in the pump and that the cushion is fitted on the funnel nice and snugly, with no gaps. Put your nipple through the hole and turn your pump on as you normally would. You should still feel your nipple passing through the hole, but there shouldn’t be any pinching or pain.You may need to up your suction a few notches, but to where you’re still comfortable. 
4. When you’re done, peel off the cushion and store your milk according to relevant milk storage guidelines. 
5. Wash according to FDA guidelines on cleaning breast pumps.

Class I device
Does not contain latex
Storage: Store between -10C and 50C, use between 15C and 30C
Use by: 2028

Read and use according to Instructions for Use
Stop use if you experience pain or damage. 
Do not use if package is damaged  
Keep away from sunlight
Keep dry

Manufacturer: Milkdrop Pty Ltd. Parcel Locker 1023050747, Heidelberg, VIC, 3084 Australia

USA Initial Importer: Dawa Medical LLC

Batches & UDI:

Wearable XS: (01)9309001099084(10)5
Wearable S: (01)9309001099077(10)5
Wearable M: (01)9309001099060(10)5

Traditional XS:9369998197477
Traditional S: 9369999923907
Traditional M: 9369998262144
Traditional L: 9369998346172

Thin S:9369900007511
Original S: 9369998099214