Milkdrop stretches over your pump head making it softer and more comfortable.

How it works

Milkdrop provides a cushion for your nipple as you pump. The jelly-like silicone moulds to the shape of your nipple and areola, and supports your nipple and areola from being over-sucked into the pump shaft, reducing discomfort, swelling and redness.


Why it works

There are a series of ridges on the backside of the cushion. These ridges are also made from soft silicone, and are placed to mimic a baby's tongue and palate. You will feel them gently press against your breast when you turn on the suction. 

Not just any-old silicone

The silicone in Milkdrop is not just medical-grade, it is the softest silicone available, 4x softer than pump inserts, 10x softer than most pump heads. This means it will feel soft against your sore or broken skin.

Gif showing a hand squishing the silicone cushion

Compatible pumps

Milkdrop fits Spectra, Medela and Philips Avent electric and manual pumps, on all flange sizes except 30mm+. While it works with Medela Flex flanges, we see better performance and fit with original Medela flanges. Some women use with their Elvie pumps, by placing the cushion against the flange, although it does not attach to the outside of the flange.  

More detail?

No problem, we're detail oriented too. Check out our pilot report 


No nasties

  • free from BPA, plastic and other additives

  • 100% medical grade and food-grade silicone

  • made in Australia

Easy to clean
  • dishwasher, sanitiser & steriliser friendly

30 day hassle free returns
  • try it for 30 days

  • if it doesn't work, return it for a friendly refund. 

Ready to try?