Milkdrop stretches over your pump head making it softer and more comfortable.

How it works

Milkdrop provides a cushion for your nipple as you pump. The jelly-like silicone moulds to the shape of your nipple and areola, and supports your nipple and areola from being over-sucked into the pump shaft, reducing discomfort, swelling and redness.


Why it works

There are a series of ridges on the backside of the cushion. These ridges are also made from soft silicone, and are placed to mimic a baby's tongue and palate. You will feel them gently press against your breast when you turn on the suction. 

Not just any-old silicone

The silicone in Milkdrop is not just medical-grade, it is the softest silicone available, 4x softer than pump inserts, 10x softer than most pump heads. This means it will feel soft against your sore or broken skin.

Gif showing a hand squishing the silicone cushion

Compatible pumps

Milkdrop comes in 4 sizes: XS, S, M and L. You can see our full list of compatible pumps here.  

More detail?

No problem, we're detail oriented too. Check out our pilot report 


No nasties

  • free from BPA, plastic and other additives

  • 100% medical grade and food-grade silicone

  • made in Australia

Easy to clean
  • dishwasher, sanitiser & steriliser friendly

30 day hassle free returns on your first order
  • try it for 30 days

  • if it doesn't work, return it for a friendly refund. 

Ready to try?