A comfy pump in 3 steps

  • 1. Attach

    Stretch your cushion over your Milkdrop Pump or other pump flange. Can be used on your standard flange, or with a silicone insert.

  • 2. Pump

    Start with your pump at the lowest suction level, and increase slowly to the highest comfortable level.

  • 3. Wash

    When you've finished, clean as you do your other pump parts and air dry, ready for your next session.

Pumping should be comfy

Milkdrop's cushions mould to your nipple, supporting your areola from being sucked too harshly into your pump. It's taken us 4 years to perfect our design, which can reduce nipple nasties like discomfort, swelling, chafing and redness.

  • Cushions your nipple and areola. They’re made from the softest silicone available and are 10x softer than your pump and 4x softer than other cushions.
  • Prevents your nipple and areola from being over-sucked into your flange. 
  • Mimics baby suckling, which can help with output during a pumping session.
  • Made from medical-grade silicone which can be used on broken skin. (Others are regular ol' food-grade).
Attaching Milkdrop cushion on the breast pump flange

Backed by science & design

In a pilot study of women using our cushions:

👍🏼 92% of women found pumping more comfortable, with comfort scores increasing from 5/10 to 9/10

👍🏼 Nipple swelling redness and damage all decreased for women identifying as having an uncomfortable pumping experience.

👍🏼 73% of women collected about the same or more milk.

👍🏼 We've been working on our designs for 4+ years, and have created hundreds of iterations and prototypes. We want Milkdrop Pumps and cushions to make as many people as possible more comfy.


Maybe you're wondering?

What's the difference between Milkdrop and other pumps on the market?

Wow, where do we start? We've been working on our cushion design for 4+ years, to get a comfy pump for as many people as possible. Our design mimics baby's suck, and is award-winning (and patent-pending). We're made from medical-grade silicone (not food grade), which can be used on chapped and broken skin.

Will it fit my pump?

Milkdrop cushions are made specifically for Milkdrop pumps. But you can use them on other compatible brands. Check a list of compatible pumps and flange sizes here.

Why are the cushions more expensive than others?

Our cushions are included in our pump sets, so they're not expensive at all if you purchase them with a Milkdrop pump.

If you're purchasing cushions separately to fit a different pump, here's some more info on our pricing. Our cushions are designed to last for 6 months, depending on how often you pump. This is compared with other cushions which last 2-6 weeks. You’ll actually end up saving between $150 - 250 using a Milkdrop cushion when compared with others on the market. We’re also 4 x softer than other breast cushions, and don’t your nipples deserve the softest pump ever?

Which size am I?

Read more about how to measure your nipples. If you’re still not sure contact us for help or order a Small (90% of people fit this size).

What if the cushion doesn't work for me?

Every body is different, and responds differently to different designs and products.

If you purchase a Milkdrop pump, then you will receive the pump in your size (either flange, or with inserts) as well as cushions. Try different combinations to see what works. You may find that you don't need the cushions at all, but you may find that they're the comfiest thing ever. It's about the options!

If you purchased just the cushions for a different pump, then don't worry! We offer 30 day free returns on your first order of cushions. If your cushion doesn’t fit and you want to try another size, or it’s not working for you, just email our team and we’ll arrange a return/refund.

Do you ship to my country?

Right now, we ship to Australia and the US. We will be expanding very soon, so if you’d like to know when we will be shipping to your country, sign up for our emails at the bottom of this page.

You'll love Milkdrop's super soft cushions

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Free 30-day returns on your first order of cushions

  • Email us and we'll send you a label to print.

  • Wash your cushion, put it back in its package and pop it in the post.

  • Your money back!