How To / Massager

You have your handy dandy Milkdrop massager in your hand, now what? 

There's evidence to suggest that milk flow can increase with warmth and with massage. 

Because everyone is different, it might take a bit of trial and error for you to figure out what works best for your body. 


Here are some ways you can try using the massager to help with milk flow: 

  1. Vibration. Try the vibration mode (by pressing on, then the vibration symbol), and place it onto your pump flange. It will vibrate the flange and bit, and you might find this helps you to get a letdown or perhaps stimulate some milk flow. 
  2. Warmth. Try the warming mode (by pressing on, then the fire symbol), and place it on your breast in your bra. It will take a couple of minutes to warm up.



A couple of reminders:

More milk supply usually requires more pumping/nursing

If you're trying to increase your milk supply more generally, the most effective method is to pump or feed more often in each day. If you feel like your pump or feeding session is not removing much of your milk (you still feel a bit full), then it's a good time to try to find a lactation consultant to help you. There might be something else going on, or there might just be some good advice they can give you. 


Be gentle. 

Back in the day (like, last year), they used to say to use massage to help to remove clogs or treat mastitis. But not anymore. If you have symptoms of oversupply, blocked ducts or mastitis, please don't dig into the lump with a massager like this. See a Lactation Consultant who will be able to help you. Usually ice, anti-inflammatories and (very) light lymphatic massage is the best method of treatment for this, but please seek help.