Elastic Nipples and Milkdrop cushions

Elastic nipples? The key to a comfy pump is making sure you get the right fitting cushions for your body. 

We've put together a few tips from our founder, Alex, on how to use Milkdrop cushions if you have elastic nipples.


Here are the highlights: 

How do I know if I have elastic nipples? 

If your nipple tissue extends or swells to the end of the pump tunnel and to the sides, you might have elastic nipples.

How can I get a comfier pump with elastic nipples? 

Every body is different, but we find that the most comfortable combination for people with elastic nipples is to use Milkdrop cushions with sizing inserts. The cushion is 10x softer than your flange, and still allows your nipple and areola to move. A sizing insert provides a softer, smaller space that prevents your nipple being sucked as far into the flange.

You can buy sizing inserts online, just search for "breast pump sizing insert". Make sure you choose one that is compatible with your pump and flange.

How do I get the right size cushion for elastic nipples?

To size your cushion and insert, measure across the base of your nipple pre-pumping in millimetres (mm). Choose the Milkdrop cushion that matches your nipple size.

You can also read our blog post on measuring your nipples for more details (and diagrams!)

How do I get the right size insert for elastic nipples?

Measure your nipples in the same way, and ideally choose an insert that is close to the size of your Milkdrop cushion.

How do I use the cushion and sizing insert together?

Place the insert into your flange, and your cushion over the top. Align the hole in the Milkdrop cushion with the insert so you can see through the cushion into the tunnel, and pump as you normally would.

What if I've already purchased a smaller sized flange? 

You can use the cushion on a smaller sized flange too, and this may be a more comfortable option for you if you don't like (or can't access) silicone sizing inserts.

What if I have pain or discomfort? 

Stop using the cushions and contact us. We'll help you troubleshoot!

Remember, pumping can get complicated and we're here to help - please reach out to us at support@milkdroppumps.com or DM us on @milkdrop_pumps.