Must-Have Breast Pump Accessories

Must-Have Breast Pump Accessories

Although buying the right breast pump for you is a good start, pumping accessories can really make an impact on your pumping experience. Being prepared with simple items such as pump cushions, heat and cool packs, and a good lanolin can make all the difference in your pumping experience. In this blog post, we'll share some of our mum-approved essentials for a comfier pump.

1. Breast Heat and Cool Packs: Soothe and Relieve 

Heat and cool packs are a versatile accessory for breast pumping mums. When used as a heat pack, it can offer gentle warmth for your breasts before pumping to promote milk flow. The cold pack is also super helpful in relieving swelling if you find yourself struck down by the ever dreaded mastitis. We have a whole blog post on how to use them for mastitis here. When shopping for a heat and cool pack, look for options that come with a washable cover, and that will fit easily inside your bra.

2. Reusable Breast Milk Pads: Stay Dry and Confident

Leakage is a common concern during breastfeeding and pumping, but reusable breast pads can help! Reusable breast pads keep you dry and confident by absorbing any milk leaks throughout the day. Look for pads with a waterproof layer to prevent leaks from seeping into your clothing. In my experience, one pair of breast pads are much easier to wash than the five shirts you just leaked through. Keep a few pairs on hand to stay dry, confident, and focused on what matters most – with a little less laundry.

3. Water Bottle: Hydration for a Healthy Journey

Whether you’re pumping or nursing, breastfeeding thirst is next level, so having a dedicated water bottle is a must. Choose a spill-proof, BPA-free water bottle that you can easily keep by your side during pumping sessions, or late night feeds. By keeping your water bottle nearby and refilling it regularly, you'll ensure that you stay hydrated through your feeding journey. 

4. Lanolin: Nourish and Soothe

Breastfeeding and pumping can sometimes lead to dry, sore, or cracked nipples. That's where lanolin comes to the rescue; providing nourishment and soothing relief for nipple discomfort. It acts as a protective barrier, moisturizing and softening your nipples. Apply a small amount of lanolin after each pumping session or as needed to keep your nipples comfortable. Look for lanolin that is hypoallergenic and free of additives or fragrances to ensure maximum compatibility with sensitive skin. 

5. Warming Lactation Massager: Relax and Enhance 

Pumping can sometimes feel clinical and detached, but with a warming lactation massager, you can transform your pumping sessions into a soothing and relaxing experience (as long as you have some earplugs to block out the whine of the pump). This innovative accessory combines gentle warmth, vibration, and massage to help promote milk flow. Simply apply the massager to your breasts before or during pumping sessions, and let it work its magic

6. Breast Pump Cushions: Comfort for Optimal Performance 

These cushy cushions are designed to enhance the fit and comfort of breast pump flanges against your breasts. Acting as a barrier between your skin and the hard plastic flanges, Milkdrop cushions actually move with your nipple, reducing friction and preventing soreness or irritation. Breast pump cushions come in various shapes, sizes, and materials to accommodate different breast sizes and pumping preferences. Choose cushions made from hypoallergenic and easy-to-clean materials for a comfortable and hygienic experience. Pump with confidence, knowing that you have the support and comfort you deserve.

7. Pumping Bras: Hands-Free Convenience

Pumping bras are a game-changer for multitasking moms who want to pump hands-free (so, all of us). These specially designed bras hold your breast pump flanges in place, allowing you to pump without needing to use your hands to hold the flanges against your breasts. This hands-free convenience means you can read, work, fold the never ending pile of laundry, or simply relax during your pumping sessions. Look for pumping bras with adjustable straps, front or back closures, and a secure fit to accommodate your changing breast size. Some pumping bras are even compatible with wearable breast pumps, providing even more freedom and flexibility. Pumping bras are a practical and essential accessory that helps streamline your pumping routine, giving you the freedom to accomplish other tasks while expressing milk for your baby.

8. Milk Collector Cups: Collect Every Precious Drop 

Milk collector cups are a brilliant accessory for breastfeeding and pumping moms who want to collect every last drop. These cups fit discreetly inside your bra, capturing any letdown or leakage from the non-nursing breast while you feed or pump on the other side. Instead of wasting your liquid gold, milk collector cups allow you to collect and store milk that would otherwise be lost in nursing pads or clothing. They are easy to use, clean, and can be reused, making them another eco-friendly alternative to disposable nursing pads. Milk collector cups are especially beneficial during the early stages of breastfeeding when milk supply may be abundant or when building a stash of milk for later use. 


Want all of these accessories? Bundle up to get 20% off. Here's a little recap of our favourite bundles.


Bundle 1. Go With The (Milk) Flow Kit

Are you even a pumping mum if you haven’t wondered how to make the most of your next pumping session? The Milk Flow bundle contains everything you need to help increase your milk output.

Bundle 2. Comfy Not Ouchy Kit

7 out of 10 women experience pain, discomfort and damage from pumping, and it’s one of the main reasons women stop breastfeeding earlier than they want to. But here’s the thing – pumping doesn’t have to be painful, especially with your Comfy Not Ouchy Kit.

It’s packed full of goodies that make pumping more comfy (backed by research, not your mother-in-law’s old wives tales), including our award-winning breast pump cushions that are 10x softer than your pump and 4 x softer than other breast pump cushions.

Bundle 3. Prep to Pop Kit

Ooooh girl. Welcome to the world of pumping! Even if you’re not sure you’re going to pump, 70% of Australian women and 85% of US women will use a breast pump with their newborn, so it’s good to be prepared. Our Prep to Pop kit is designed for new mums (or soon-to-be) who want to set themselves up for pumping success, and save their nipples from pain and damage from the get-go.

Bundle 4. Ultimate Pumping Kit

Pumping can be a marathon, and you wouldn’t run one in your most uncomfortable shoes. 

There are research-based ways you can make pumping more comfortable, so you can keep feeding your baby breast milk, and we’ve packed them all into our ultimate pumping kit. About to give birth or struggling with pumping pain? The Ultimate Pumping kit has got you.

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