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Milkdrop Breast Pump Cushion - traditional (2 pc)

Milkdrop Breast Pump Cushion - traditional (2 pc)

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Express milk to feed your baby – without the pain and discomfort. Milkdrop's original,  award-winning, ultra-soft, medical-grade silicone cushions stretch over your pump to protect your nipples and areola. Designed (it's taken us 4 years to perfect!) and owned in Australia, patent pending.

Why you need it

These cushions can help bring relief from nipple swelling, redness and chafing.

How to use it

Stretch the cushion over the head of your pump. Centre it to align with your flange tunnel. Start with the suction low, and slowly increase.

How it works

Designed to closer mimic the natural feel of your baby feeding, these cushions support your nipple to move as you pump.

Compatible pumps

This Milkdrop cushion is designed specifically for Milkdrop MD1 pump. Order yours here. It comes with cushions included.

If you have already purchased a pump, you can still use the cushion. It fits over the flange of most other traditional pumps (e.g Spectra, Medela). Check the compatible pump list.

If you don't have elastic nipples, then use the cushion on the standard flange your pump came with (usually 24mm).

If you do have elastic nipples, then you need to use it with a sizing insert or a smaller flange size to bring down the width of the pump tunnel.

If you have questions about pump compatibility or sizing, contact us at or take the sizing quiz.


Milkdrop comes in different sizes based on your nipple width. Take the sizing quiz.

What it's made of

Made from medical-grade silicone (not just food-grade) which is 10 x softer than your pump and 4x softer than other inserts. No nasties - BPA and additive free. Requires replacing only after 4-6 months (depending on use).

How to clean it

Easy to clean - dishwasher, sanitiser and steriliser friendly.

  • 10x softer than pump
  • 30-day returns
  • 95% say less pain

Size is based on your nipple (not your flange) width. If unsure, select S, and contact us!

Each order contains two cushions.

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Did you know? We have pumps too!

Our cushions work best on Milkdrop pumps. Check them out.

Why people love Milkdrop


  • 10x softer than your pump

  • 95% of women find pumping more comfy

  • Risk-free returns for 30 days on your first order of cushions

These cushions are pricey right?

Nope. Most "cheap" cushions need replacing after 4-6 weeks and are made from lower-quality silicone. Milkdrop cushions only need replacing after 4-6 months. And they're medical grade, which is safer for your nipples and your baby.


Milkdrop cushions come in 4 sizes (although most people fit a small).

Here's how to measure your nipple (not your flange or your areola).

Don’t have a tape measure handy? Start with a size small or contact us We're happy to help.

Take the size quiz

Still not sure?

Try risk-free for 30 days with free returns on your first cushion set.


Maybe you're wondering

Which size am I?

Take the cushion quiz to find the right cushions for your nipple and your pump.

Most people fit a S (16-20mm), but if your nipple is smaller (less than 15mm across) or larger (more than 21mm across), reach out to us on and we’ll help you get the right size.

Remember to measure your nipple, NOT your flange or your areola, to find the right size cushion for you.

Find out how to measure your nipple here.

Will Milkdrop fit my pump?

Milkdrop fits our own pumps best.

But, you can use it on other pumps too, including:

New Beginnings
Philips Avent
Tommee Tippee

Milkdrop XS, S and M fit any pump flange sizes.

If you don't have elastic nipples, then use the cushion on the standard flange your pump came with (usually 24mm).

If you do have elastic nipples, then you need to use it with a sizing insert or a smaller flange size to bring down the width of the pump tunnel to match your nipple.

If your pump flange is XL (30mm+), you will need Milkdrop L cushion. Please contact us for extra help with this.  

Haven’t mentioned your pump? Oh no! DM us on instagram @milkdrop_pumps or email us at

How many are there per packet?

There are two cushions per packet.

How do I clean it?

Wash Milkdrop as you would any other breast pump part - with warm soapy water, rinse then air dry. Or pop in the dishwasher. You can also steam sterilise, sanitise or boil without degrading the silicone. We recommend following the FDA breast pump cleaning guidelines.

How long will it last?

We designed Milkdrop to last for 4-6 months, depending on how often you pump. Why? We want to avoid environmental waste, and save you from repurchasing replacements every few weeks, which gets expensive in the long-run. Silicone is recyclable, just not in your average, local recycling centre. When you’re finished, please send back to us, and we’ll include it in our batch recycling scheme.

Is it safe for my skin and my baby?

Milkdrop is made from the highest grade silicone, which is medical-grade silicone (not just food-grade silicone). It’s gentle on your skin, and your baby. Make sure you wash it after you use it, using the guidelines above.

Do you do returns?

Yep! Every woman is different. We have a 30-day risk-free trial period on your first set of cushions. If you are having trouble with the cushion for any reason, please contact us at

We would like to understand more and may have some tips that will help, but we will also arrange a return and refund, hassle-free, on your first order of cushions. Please return the cushion washed and the packaging intact.

For pumps (rather than cushions), unfortunately we can't offer the same 30-day trail, because it is a personal medical device. We do have a refund policy for faulty goods though, of course!

See our returns/refund policy.