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How to pack a pumping bag for holiday

It has been said that once you have a baby a holiday is really just parenting elsewhere 🙄 But we believe that with a little preparation, and a go-with-the-flow mindset, holidays can still be revitalising (we won’t say relaxing)!

One thing to remember is that, as a pumping mother, you’ll need to keep up your pumping schedule in order to maintain your milk supply, even while on holidays. The prospect of pumping while travelling can feel exhausting, but it can go smoothly if you set up your kit well AND be kind to yourself. We hope that this guide on how to pack for pumping on holiday will help to get you in the vacationing mood. 

You deserve it!

1. Pump & parts 

Pretty self-explanatory, but don’t forget your pump. Manual pumps can be nice, portable options (and no need to find a power outlet if you’re on the go). Or, electric wearable pumps can be a great hack for pumping while enjoying your holiday destination. It’s a good idea to pack extra parts - such as valves or bills - in case anything is damaged or lost while you’re away. The last thing you need is to be trawling the shops for pump parts; especially in a foreign country.

→ Top tip: Assemble your pump and parts before you go so you don't accidentally miss a part. No point bring the pump but missing the valve!

2. Accessories

Comfort items such as a pumping bra and Milkdrop cushions can go a long way in helping you feel relaxed. Don’t forget breast pads - nobody needs extra laundry on holiday. 

3. Bottles and milk storage bags 

Bring along at least a couple of bottles and, depending on how often you pump, some milk storage bags. 

4. Cleaning supplies 

Be sure to pack the necessary cleaning supplies for your pump and bottles, as there is no guarantee that your accommodation will be properly equipped. Wet wipes and burp cloths can also be handy for any unexpected spills. 

5. Water bottle and snacks 

Being caught pumping and starving or thirsty is no good. Pop some muesli bars and a slim-line water bottle in your holiday pumping bag to avoid the munchies. 

6. Small cooler bag 

Particularly if you know you’ll need to pump while out and about on day trips, or if your trip includes a few little journeys, you’ll want something to keep your milk cool. A small foldable cooler bag is perfect for transporting your expressed milk. 

Your pumping bag is packed, enjoy your holiday! 

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