Washable Breast Pad

What's it for?

You’ll only have to leak through your favourite shirt once to be reaching for these magical creations. Designed to be popped into your bra and catch all those pesky leaks during the day, you can wear, reuse, wear, reuse for as long as you need to.

Before you use it

  1. Take your reusable breast pads out of the packaging.
  2. Give them a spin in a warm wash (see Getting sudsy for how). They’re made with no nasties, but it’s always nice to start clean.

Get comfy

It’s pretty simple - put the breast pads directly into your bra, on goes your shirt and you’re good! They’re triple layered, so depending on how much you’re leaking and whether you’ve got oversupply, you might need to change them a couple of times during the day.

Getting sudsy

  • Machine or hand wash in warm, soapy water. 
  • Put them on the line to air dry - no tumble drying for these, sorry.
  • Once dry, they’ll be ready to get to work again.


  • Ring out the milk into a bottle… if you want to collect that liquid gold to feed your baby, try our Milk Collectors instead!
  • A constantly wet nipple is not a happy nipple. Change your breast pad once it feels damp and wash before you use them again. If you’re constantly removing wet breast pads from your bra, try our milk collectors instead, and make use of all that extra milk goodness 
  • There’s 3 pairs in each bag, and you’ll probably need to use them all in a day. But let’s face it – you’re doing washing daily at this point anyway!
  • They’ll need to be replaced every few months or so, depending on how often you’re using them.
  • Sharing is not caring. Keep these for yourself.
  • These are made from high quality bamboo lining, but if you have any skin irritation from wearing them, stop using them.

What the experts say

You don’t need an academic research paper for this one – conventional mum wisdom confirms that wet spots on your top are no fun! You’ll also feel extra smug using a product that won’t end up in landfill after one use.


They don’t fit properly in my bra?

Our breast pads are designed to stay in place, with a non-slip outer layer. Start by making sure you’ve got the soft bamboo layer against your skin, but if you're finding that the cushions slip, try a little strip of double sided tape on the back of the cushion or inside of your bra.

They look stained even after I wash them?

Pop them in a hotter wash with detergent. If they've been through a few months of use, then it might be time for a replacement.

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