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Women rank pumping as one of the least enjoyable activities associated with having a new baby.

It's no surprise, the hard funnel, the mechanical suction, that noise and the disappointing volumes don't really leave us feeling empowered or satisfied.

Don't get us wrong, we're grateful for pumps. They help us feed our babies when they can't suck well, they help us store milk, and they help us get back to work. We just think we could improve upon the experience.

This report shares some insights we gleaned from our early research into the experience of mothers using breast pumps.


We look at three things:
1. Which pumps are most popular, and why women are pumping
2. How long and often women are pumping
3. How pumping makes us feel. 


Cover page for report titled "You're not alone - what women told us about pumps and pumping"

Some stats 

  • 70% women feel like a cow
  • 61 % of women have pain
  • Women spend an average of 227 hours pumping per baby