Clinical benefits



The cushion is designed to make pumping more comfortable for women experiencing pain, damage or discomfort from using breast pumps by providing a softer interface between the breast and the pump. 

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Milkdrop breast pump cushion pilot preliminary observations

Report summary:

  • 92% of women found pumping more comfortable
  • comfort increased (score: 5 /10 to 9 / 10 where 10=very comfortable).
  • nipple swelling decreased (score: 6 /10 to 0 /10 where 10=severe and 0=none)
  • nipple swelling decreased (6 /10 to 0.5 / 10), redness decreased (6 /10 to 0.5/10) and damage decreased (4/10 to 0/10) for women identifying as having an uncomfortable pumping experience.
  • 73% of women collected about the same or more milk.

Further benefits will be evaluated through post-market studies, including the effect of the cushion on the perception of pain, comfort and milk production.