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How to use our new warming, vibrating lactation massager

It's here! Our Warming Lactation Massager has finally arrived, and we're pretty excited to be able to offer it to all the mums out there who are looking to get more milk during their pumping sessions.

Why a Lactation Massager?

If you've been wondering how to get the most out of your pump session, our Lactation Massager might be great for you.

It can be a useful tool to stimulate let down and milk flow in two ways; by heating and gently massaging. Some studies have found that the use of heat and gentle massage can increase milk output whilst feeding. Just make sure to use it gently - and not for treating clogged ducts or mastitis!

How to use the Milkdrop Lactation Massager

For milk flow, you can try using the massage and heating functions. Some people report more milk with “hands on” pumping or massage while feeding/pumping. You can also use the warming function of the massager or you can warm our Milkdrop cushions if you have them. Just remember, it only needs to be body temperature or slightly warmer - make sure you check your warmed cushion or massager isn’t too hot on your skin before you use it. 

When not to use:

Remember our massager is not to be used for the treatment of mastitis, ‘clogged ducts’ or oversupply. For help with any of these things, call an IBCLC or lactation care provider. Always treat your breasts with care - think gentle massage, not deep tissue massage!


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