How do I know if I have undersupply?

How do I know if I have undersupply?

You may know the feeling - pumping and pumping with zero to little luck. It can feel incredibly frustrating, and even frightening, to try so hard and still not have enough milk for your baby. Beyond the emotional impacts, undersupply of breast milk (also known as low milk supply) can present in various ways for both the mother and baby. 

Some of the things you might experience if you have an undersupply include:

🤍Infrequent or short feedings: your baby may not nurse as often or for as long as expected.

🤍Slow weight gain: your baby may not gain weight as expected.

🤍Poor latch: your baby may have difficulty latching onto the breast, which can make it difficult for baby to get much milk during their feed.

🤍Little to no milk expressed: you may not be able to express much milk, even after pumping for several minutes.

🤍No engorgement: your breasts may not become full or hard after several hours without nursing or pumping.

🤍Changes to nappy output: your baby may have lower nappy output, which can be a sign of low milk intake.

If you think that you have a low milk supply, it's important to speak with a lactation consultant or your healthcare provider for advice on increasing milk production. This can help ensure that your baby is getting enough milk and growing properly.

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