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Five ways to pump (and stay sane) this festive season 

It’s the most wonderful time of the year 🌟 Although magical, the silly season can also be anxiety inducing for those with babies or small children. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, you’re not alone! Festivities pushing your routine out of whack can sometimes be enough to send you (and possibly your baby) into meltdown mode. We’ve put together some ideas for ways you can take care of yourself during the Christmas holidays.

Keep to your routine (when possible) 

Although the endless parties and family gatherings during this time of year can make things tricky, it is a good idea to keep your routine as much as possible. For some, this may mean attending parties late so your little one can have a nap at home first. Even small doses of the familiar can help, such as ensuring you and your family have your usual morning breakfast and coffee at home before launching into events. 

Stay hydrated and well nourished 

You’re busy socialising and keeping an eye on how many rum balls the kids have scoffed – but you’re in the danger zone for forgetting about your own basic needs. Bringing a water bottle to events can help to keep you feeling hydrated and well. And don’t forget to enjoy those lovely Christmas foods too!

If you will be having a celebratory champagne (or two), you might be interested to hear that according to the American Academy of Paediatrics, you don’t need to pump and dump your milk for one glass of wine. It is fine to feed your baby as normal - although an important consideration is that you are sober enough to safely care for your infant.


As a pumping mother, you’re probably well versed in preparing for outings. The festive season will be much more enjoyable if you have everything you need on hand to pump. Prepare in advance and enjoy your family time without panicking about forgetting pump parts at home. 

Say “no”

It is okay to decline invitations for the sake of your baby’s routine - or your sanity! If you aren’t feeling up to it and would be happier having some quiet festive time at home, you can say to your friends and family “no, thank you”. It's only one short phase of your life!

Remember to enjoy it!

This is just a moment in time and soon enough we will be in 2023 - back to our normal routines. As much as it can feel exhausting at times, try to enjoy the moment and take lots of photos to cherish. 

Need more support?

You can find a list of support groups to help you with your pumping journey in our blog post on maintaining your mental health while pumping.

Happy holidays!

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