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5 pumping apps you need to know about

Do you want some help in keeping track of your pumping schedule? Or an easy place to log your output? There’s an app for that! Like most things in our modern world, pumping and the tech world have meshed to create some handy apps to support your expressing journey. We’ve compiled some of the best pumping apps below that our team have used and loved!

Milk Maid

Milk Maid - we know, not exactly the title that us pumping mothers would like to be associated with, but hey it’s a good app! It helps you track which side you pumped from, for how long and what the output was. You can also log how much milk you have stored in different locations, such as in your home freezer, work and daycare (but remember, you really only need to 'stash' enough milk for the next day's feed as any more can encourage you to pump less, which will ultimately drop your supply!). 

Pump Log

Although Pump Log is a paid app, you get 50 free pumping sessions to decide whether it’s worthwhile for you or not. The star feature of this app is the countdown calculator - a handy little alert that lets you know when you have a big enough freezer stash to stop pumping (something that can be helpful depending on why you pump and how often. Note that the recommendation from lactation consultants is usually pumping only enough for your next day’s feed). 

Milk Stash

Milk Stash is completely free, which is a plus! As the name would suggest, this app helps keep track of your milk stashes - with the ability to add various locations. As well as that, you can also log your pumping times and output. 


Huckleberry is a very popular all-in-one baby app that includes a great pumping log, as well as many other features related to baby’s feeding and sleeping.


Better known for its prenatal tools, Glow includes some handy features for after baby arrives too. As well as pumping tracking, this app includes some helpful resources for the stress and fatigue that can pop up during the postpartum period. 

We hope you find this list helpful! 

If you need a bit more support than an app can offer, have a read of our tips for looking after your mental health during this busy time.

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