Pumping Bra

What's it for?

Free your hands and your mind to read a book (or doomscroll – we won't judge) and drink tea during a pumping session with our soft, comfy, hands-free pumping bra. Next level of motherhood unlocked!

Before you use it

Stick it in the wash before you wear it.

Get comfy

Play around with the strap lengths, and don’t forget you’ve got the band extender if things are feeling a little tight around the middle (you’ve just had a baby, after all!)

Getting sudsy

Bung it in the washing machine and dry on the line. We love low maintenance!


You know how to use a bra! The main thing is to play around with the adjustments to make sure it's comfy. And don't put it in the dryer.

What the experts say

Our resident pumping mum, Ayla, put together this how-to guide for choosing the ultimate pumping bra. Her three most important considerations? Comfort, comfort, comfort.


You've only got a few sizes?

We do, but your bra will also come with a strap extender so you can get a better fit around your ribs. These three sizes will fit most people.

How do I wash it?

Pop it in the washing machine with the rest of your clothes and hang out to dry on the line. Keep it out of the dryer though.

How do I get rid of milk stains?

Pop it in a hotter wash with detergent. If your bra has been through a few months of use, then it might be time for a replacement.

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