Traditional Breast Pump Cushion

What's it for?

Making pumping more comfy! Your Milkdrop traditional breast pump cushions will allow you to express milk to feed your baby without the pain and discomfort. These award-winning, ultra-soft silicone cushions stretch over your traditional pump to protect your nipples and areola, helping to protect them from nipple swelling, redness and chafing.

Before you use it

  1. Open the box and remove your Milkdrop traditional breast pump cushions.
  2. Wash them before you use them (see Getting sudsy for how). They’re made without any nasties, but it’s always good practice to get rid of any dust.
  3. Check for any cracks or tears in the cushion. Reach out to us at if you spot one!
  4. Take out any existing inserts from your pump (let’s face it, they’re no match for Milkdrop, which is 4x softer)

Get comfy

To use your Milkdrop traditional breast pump cushion:

  1. Stretch your cushion around the flange of your traditional pump. Hold the pump firmly in one hand, hook the cushion over the head, and work your way around. You can stretch the cushion quite far without damaging it. Make sure the hole in the cushion is aligned with the hole in the pump and that the cushion is fitted on the funnel nice and snugly, with no gaps. 
  2. Put your nipple through the hole and turn your pump on as you normally would. You should still feel your nipple passing through the hole, but there shouldn’t be any pinching or pain. 
  3. You may need to up your suction a few notches, but to where you’re still comfy.
  4. When you’re done, peel off the cushion and store your milk how you usually would.

Getting sudsy

To clean your Milkdrop wearable breast pump cushion, follow the FDA guidelines for washing pump parts (rinse, hand wash in soapy water, rinse again and air dry). Our cushions are also dishwasher and santiser friendly.

To store, keep it in a cool, dry location, away from sunlight.


  • Don’t use the cushion if it hurts! Take off the cushion and reach out to us at and we’ll talk you through next steps.
  • Don’t go at the cushion with anything sharp. It’ll damage your cushion.
  • Don’t use if the silicone is discoloured or cracked. Depending on how often you’re pumping, you may need to replace the cushion after 6 months.

What the experts say

We’ve done some pilot studies into how Milkdrop cushions impact pain and discomfort of mums who are pumping, which showed that 95% of mums experienced less pain and discomfort when using a Milkdrop cushion. You can check out the results of our pilot studies here and here.


I think I'm collecting less milk

Sometimes it takes a few minutes to adjust to the cushion padding. You may feel less tugging on your areola but still be collecting your usual amount of milk!

If you are collecting a lot less, then try these tips:

  • Use hands-on pumping or gentle massager. This can be a little tricky when using a wearable pump, but can be helpful depending on your pump type and your body.
  • Warm your Milkdrop cushion in hot water. Make sure you test it on your skin before applying to your breast!
  • Listen to some calming music or meditation.
  • Increase the suction two or three notches - ONLY if this is comfortable.

If you are still collecting less milk, please stop using the cushions, pump as normal without them to keep your milk removal and supply normal, and contact us on for help.

I don't think it fits my nipple properly

Getting the right size cushion is super important to get the most comfortable pump. Make sure you measure your nipple before you order (get the how-to here), or reach out to us at if you need help. 

Your nipple should fit through the hole in the cushion and the cushion should feel snug against your nipple, without rubbing or pain.

If your nipple doesn’t fit at all, or if you’re having pain, please contact us as soon as you can at so we can get you sorted.

The milk is collecting behind the cushion

You may see some milk pooling in behind the cushion.

This is ok, and part of the design. When you are finished, just tip the pump head slightly to drain the milk from the cushion before you peel it off.

The cushion is made from 100% medical-grade silicone, is BPA and plastic-free and no lubricants or additives are used in manufacture, so any milk that comes in contact with the cushion is appropriate for your baby to drink.

If it's causing your cushion to lose suction or doesn't feel right, please contact us at

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