Milk Collectors

What's it for?

Letdown doesn’t pick sides. If you’re single pumping, collect the milk your lefty might be producing while you’re pumping on righty (or vice versa).

Before you use it

  1. Open the box and remove your Milkdrop Milk Collectors.
  2. Wash them before you use them (see Getting sudsy for how). They’re made without any nasties, but it’s always good practice to get rid of any dust.

Get comfy

  1. Set up your pump on the side you’re expressing from.
  2. Pop collector inside your bra on the opposite side.
  3. Put your nipple through the hole.
  4. Put your nipple in the hole and give it a light push to seal. The collector should sit on your breast without you holding it. You should feel a tiny bit of suction so that none of your precious milk will drip.
  5. Once you’re done, pull off your collector (take care to avoid spills), pour it out the spout into a bottle for your next feed or store it as you normally would.
  6. When you’re done, pour the milk you’ve collected into a bottle for baby’s next feed, or store your milk as you usually would.

Not pumping but finding you’re getting lots of leakage through the day? You can leave these milk collectors on your breasts for up to 3 hours, then tip any of your milk into a bottle for your baby’s next feed or store.

Getting sudsy

  • Hand wash in hot, soapy water. Don’t put them in the dishwasher.
  • Leave to dry on a clean, dry paper towel.


Don’t leave milk collectors on for more than 3 hours.

What the experts say

Most mums (aka the experts) will tell you that collecting any extra milk or letdown is a #lifehack.


My milk collector is falling off my breast

Make sure you’ve got a good seal when you apply the milk collector. Put your nipple through the hole and give it a push. You might feel some light suction.

Make sure to remove the collector when it fills up. If there’s too much milk in the collector, it may be more likely to fall off.

Check that your breast is dry before applying the collector, otherwise it may not seal properly (sorry, no pumping under a waterfall).

It’s leaking?

Check out the FAQ above to make sure you’ve got a good seal on the collector when you apply it. You could be leaving the milk collector on too long, or after it’s reached capacity (around 20-30mLs), so try removing it and pouring out the milk.

Can I leave it on all day?

We'd only recommend leaving your milk collector on for 3 hours. Anything longer and things will get a bit too damp in there. Best to let your breasts get some air!

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