Warming Lactation Massager

What's it for?

Milkdrop’s warming, vibrating lactation massager can be a useful tool to stimulate let down and milk flow in two ways; by heating and gently massaging. Some studies have found that the use of heat and gentle massage can increase milk output whilst feeding. Just make sure to use it gently - and not for treating clogged ducts or mastitis. 

Plus, it feels nice, and if you’ve got to pump a million times a day, you should take a bit of pleasure where you can get it!

Before you use it

  1. Take your massager out of the box (there’s nothing relaxing about massaging with cardboard)
  2. The massager should come charged. Press the power button, which should glow a little.  

Wipe it down before you use it (see Getting sudsy for how). The massager is made without any nasties, but it’s always good practice to get rid of any dust.

Get comfy

You’re ready to pump:

  1. Everyone’s body is unique, so you need to figure out what your body responds to best. You can choose either vibrate, warm or vibrate and warm together. You might find that vibration helps to stimulate letdown, or that warmth helps to increase milk flow. You can use the massager before you pump, just at the start, or all the way through! 
  2. To try vibration, press the top (squiggly) button and apply the tip of the massager to your pump flange or directly to your breast. Keep it super gentle - you’re aiming to stimulate your nipple, not give it a deep tissue massage! You can use it at the beginning of your pump or the whole way through, depending on what feels good to you.You can try a few different modes of the vibration to see if there’s a pattern that suits you too.
  3. To try warmth, press the  bottom (flame) button to warm. It will take a few minutes for the massager to warm up. Place it in your bra to warm your breast. It is silicone coated, but you might like to put a cloth between the massager and your skin if you find it too warm. Some people like to place the massager in their bra just before pumping (or use heat packs) to warm their body a few minutes before pumping. 
  4. To turn off, press the middle power button again. Pop it on the charger for up to 30 minutes for your next session.  

Getting sudsy

To clean:

  1. Make sure your massager isn’t plugged into the wall. Very important!
  2. Wash in hot, soapy water. 
  3. Leave to dry on a clean, dry paper towel.


Read these, they’re important!:

Mastitis and clogged ducts suck, but deep massage is not the answer unfortunately. Massagers like this shouldn’t be used for treating mastitis, ‘clogged ducts’ or oversupply, according to the latest treatment guidelines. Using massage to treat mastitis and other symptoms can do more damage to your breast. Ice or cool packs, anti-inflammatories and (super light) lymphatic drainage massage can help, but please call an IBCLC or lactation care provider for support specific to you and your body. Always treat your breasts with care - think about your breast as an organ, not as a muscle!


It doesn't seem to be warming

The massager takes a little while to warm up. Double check your power is on (it should glow a little - you may need to cup it in your hands to make it dark), and wait a few minutes.

If I've got clogged ducts or mastitis symptoms, why can't I use this?

Treatment for these conditions has changed recently. Please see your lactation professional to help you manage them. It should look like ice (try our ice packs), anti-inflammatories and light massage. The vibration on this may be ok just gently, but not if you direct or dig it in at the clogged area.

I'm finding the warming function too hot

If you find the warming function is too warm on your skin, then place a thin towel between the massager and your breast.

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