Heat & Cool Pack

What's it for?

Use cool:

  • Between or after feeds to help soothe sore, tired or inflamed breasts and cracked nipples.

Use warm:

  • Before or during feeds for helping with letdown and milk flow.

Before you use it

  1. Open the box and remove your cushions and covers. 
  2. Wash them before you use them (see Getting sudsy for how). They’re made without any nasties, but it’s always good practice to get rid of any dust.
  3. To cool, put the gel pack directly into the fridge or freezer without the cover. Make sure it’s flat so it freezes evenly. You’ll need to give it a couple of hours to get chilly.
  4. If you want to use warm, you’ll be able to get started straight away.

Get comfy

To cool:

  1. Pop in the fridge or freezer for a few hours. Make sure it’s flat so it freezes evenly. 
  2. Once frozen, put the gel pack into the cover to protect your skin. 
  3. Test it on your wrist, and if the temperature feels comfortable (with the cover on), apply directly to your breast. You can put the pad into your bra or lay back on the couch and balance those babies (the pads, not your actual child).
  4. Don’t leave the cooling pads on for longer than 20 minutes.

To warm:

  1. Pop in the microwave for 15 seconds. Pads should be heated to around 39C (or 102 F), but for those of us without a thermometer at home, apply the pad to your wrist first to check it doesn’t feel too hot. If it’s not warm enough, heat for another 5 seconds at a time until warm. Don’t heat in boiling water or in an oven as this may damage the casing. 
  2. Put the gel pack into the cover. 
  3. You can slip the pad around your pump flange while you’re pumping to help with milk flow, or put the pads into your bra before your pumping session to help with letdown.

Getting sudsy

  • Hand wash the gel packs in hot, soapy water. Don’t put them in the dishwasher.
  • Throw the covers straight into a warm wash. Use a sensitive detergent if you can. Line dry, in the sun if you can – they’ll shrink in the tumble dryer!


  • If you’ve got inflammation or mastitis symptoms, it’s straight to the doctor or health professional for you. 
  • Always check the temperature on your wrist before applying directly to your breast - hot or cold.
  • Use with included covers and never apply straight to your breast from the freezer. Brrr!
  • You can’t put the heat packs in the oven or boiling water, it’ll wreck the casing.
  • Go slow and don’t overheat. Start with 14 seconds in the microwave, then 5 additional seconds each time to bring the heat pack up to about 39C or 102F.
  • If there’s any cracks or leaks, throw the pack in the bin.


How will I know if it's too hot or cold?

Always remember to test the heat/cool pack on your hand before applying to your breast.

How hot should I make the heat pack?

Go slow and don’t overheat. Start with 14 seconds in the microwave, then 5 additional seconds each time to bring the heat pack up to about 39C or 102F.

How do I store it?

Put them somewhere cool and dry, and just make sure your heat pads aren't wet before you put it away. You can keep them in the freezer so you've got some cooling loveliness on hand whenever you need it.

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