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Milkdrop MD2 Wearable Pump

Milkdrop MD2 Wearable Pump

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Look, no hands.

Express milk to feed your baby, without the pain and discomfort, with our hands-free breast pump. It's discreet, quiet and comes with Milkdrop's award-winning breast pump cushions!

Find the perfect fit for YOUR body, rather than being forced to fit into a one or two-size-fits-all. Take our quick and easy size quiz here

  • Quiet (no whoosh whoosh - IYKYK)
  • Not ugly. Trust us, it’s important when you’re looking at it 12 times a day.
  • No nasties - BPA and additive free.
  • Easy to clean - dishwasher, sanitiser and steriliser friendly.
  • 4 modes and 9 suction levels to help you find the ultimate comfy pump for your body
  • Unlike cheaper pumps, this pump is manufactured in a medical-grade facility to international standards for medical device manufacturing, with proper quality and safety controls. 


Each set comes with TWO complete pumps. 

  • 2x wearable pumps (incl 24mm breastshields, motor, diaphragms, backflow protectors, milk collectors)
  • 2x Milkdrop cushions in your size (XS, S, M)
  • 4x silicone sizing inserts for better fitting (2x 17mm, 2x 21mm)
  • 2x bra strap extenders
  • 2x charging cables

Technical specifications

  • 4 Modes, 9 Levels of suction 
  • 18-300mmHg suction per pump
  • 260g per pump
  • 180mL capacity per pump
  • USB charging
  • Class IIa Medical Device manufactured to ISO13485

Why you need it

Ain't nobody got time to sit hooked up to a pump for hours on end. Milkdrop's wearable breast pump is designed for on-the-go pumping. It's discrete, quiet and USB-chargeable which means you can pump anywhere you like.

*If you're pumping exclusively or building up your milk supply, you might need to use a traditional pump instead of a wearable one. But don't worry, we have them too!

How to use it

Choose a low suction and your massage level, fit your breast into the flange and press go. This pump has 9 settings so you can find the right suction level for you.

How it works

Remove milk from your breast to feed your baby, but do it quietly, comfortably and wherever takes your fancy.

Provided with Milkdrop's award-winning breast pump cushions for an even comfier pump.

What it's made of

The funnel and milk collector is made from food grade silicone or PP (free of BPA, PVC, BPS and Phthalates).

All our pumps are made in medical-grade facilities to international medical device manufacturing standards, which means they are reliable and high quality. Your baby's safety is our highest priority - we don't cut corners.

What it works with

A match made in heaven - Milkdrop's wearable breast pump cushion and our wearable breast pump.

How to clean

Make sure you're following the FDA guidelines for cleaning your pump and parts. The TLDR, clean everything that has come into contact with your breasts and milk by rinsing, washing in warm soapy water, air drying on a clean towel and covering parts when not in use.

  • Mum approved
  • Made with no nasties
  • Research backed
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