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Milkdrop Breast Pump Cushion
Kathleen M (Canberra, AU)
Makes such a difference to exclusive pumping!

As a new mum with an 8-week-old baby who won’t latch, I’m currently pumping 8 times a day trying to build give her as much breastmilk as I can with a low supply. I’ve tried all different types of flanges and settings and different pumps trying to get comfy but nothing has made as much difference as the Milkdrop cushions. They are now an essential part of my set up, and I love how easy they are to clean. The tin they came in is also super cute and perfect for keeping them protected when I have to pump out and about.

My only minor criticism is that is that I found that while they fit on the Medela PersonalFit flanges, I found they would fill with milk because of the curve and I found them less comfortable then - but using a standard flat flange (currently using a Maymom one) works perfectly.

Milkdrop Breast Pump Cushion
Alana Thomas (Kew, AU)
Super comfy!

Love the milk drop pump cover! It’s so soft and comfy and definitely a HUGE improvement on the flange that comes with the pump. No negative impact on the flow or anything to worry about. You won’t regret adding one of these to your kit!

Milkdrop Breast Pump Cushion
Kirsty Elliott (Sydney, AU)
Love it!!!

I absolutely love my Milkdrop.

No more pain and I get the same amount of milk each time I pump.

The cushions are so soft and the packaging is so stylish.

The supportive team at Milkdrop helped me so much and a big shout out to Alex who is an absolute legend. I had some issues with the original (thicker) cushions and Alex called me to help troubleshoot. After much discussion she organised my refund and return postage paid packaging without delay or guilt. She kept in touch when the thinner cushions were available and they have worked for me. This kind of genuine customer service is rare. Thank you Alex.

I love that this company is based in Australia.

Postage was super fast.

Keep up the good work Alex and to all the team at Milkdrop.


Milkdrop Breast Pump Cushion
Cindy (Sydney, AU)

I'm absolutely amazed of how comfortable was to pump, I am always dreading a bit pumping time cause I HAVE TO do it all the time after nipple trauma which it only adds to the discomfort when pumping specially with my pump that doesn't have many different levels of suction and instead goes 0-100 instantly so when I was using this I didn't think it was going to be such difference! It's really almost like you don't realize your pumping. I'd absolutely recommend it to anyone that has discomfort when expressing and constantly rely on the pump to feed your little one.

Milkdrop Breast Pump Cushion

Milkdrop Breast Pump Cushion
Alex H (Brisbane, AU)
So comfortable!

Since starting to use the thin milkdrop with my Spectra pump, the nipple pain I was experiencing during pumping resolved and I am getting great milk volumes during most pumping sessions. I would definitely recommend to all women who pump milk.

Milkdrop Breast Pump Cushion
Phoebe (Lennox Head, AU)
Game changer

Thanks for making these beautiful cushions, I've been expressing eight times a day since day one for my baby, being such a novice the flanges I had were the wrong size and did so much damage. Ouchy! These cushions have been heaven sent and have turned pumping into a much nicer more comfortable experience. Saved my nips! And my breastfeeding journey. So thankful!

Exceptional Service and Quality

I bought this product for a friend of mine. It is so beautifully packaged it was the perfect gift. Also the team at milk drop went over and above to ensure she could use it correctly and make sure the model was correct for her breasts and her model of breast pump.

Absolute must-have for anyone pumping

The Milkdrop cushion is a super soft, silicone attachment that you put over the pump funnel. You then place it on your breast and get going! Very easy. I used to get pain and discomfort when pumping, but with Milkdrop it is completely different, so much more comfortable. I got just as much milk pumping with it, if not more because I could keep pumping longer as it was no longer painful. I will never pump without it now. I highly recommend this to anyone pumping, even just occasionally.

This product is awesome.

I've only just received this item and used it once (I was so excited to try it). Wow. Just amazing. I've never had a really bad experience pumping, but knowing that I've got at least 18 months of pumping milk while at work ahead of me I decided anything offering to make it more comfortable was worth a try. So worth it. I'm using mine with a medela harmony small shield. It has completely removed the dragging of the nipple through the shield and I could not be happier with this purchase. Great travel case as well.

Excellent Invention!

Excellent invention! I found that for me this clever cushion eliminated those uncomfortable twinges at the start of pumping.

So much more comfortable

Milkdrop made pumping so much more comfortable, so comfortable in fact that I thought I didn't have it on properly! But I did, it was just such an improvement I couldn't believe it at first. With Milkdrop I managed to pump for several months after returning to work, which I don't think I would have managed otherwise.

Milkdrop Breast Pump Cushion
Olivia G. (Melbourne, AU)
Be gentle to yourself, especially at this time

This is my first baby, so I didn’t know of any alternative but when I look at the material my pump has for suction around the nipple I am genuinely scared to try without my milkdrop! The pump has hard plastic around the nipple area, the milkdrop is such comfortable soft gel-like cushion, I shall imagine the amount of trauma and discomfort this spares me. I utterly love it! Thank you milkdrop!!

I feel so much more respected

I just tried your pump attachment and it has been the first time in 6 months that it hasn’t been painful or uncomfortable for me to express. I feel so much more respected having that lovely silicone close to my breast instead of that cold hard funnel.

Milkdrop Breast Pump Cushion
Kate Green (Newcastle, AU)
So comfortable.

The cushions have made exclusive pumping bareable. I was in pain and my nipples were damaged from pumping. I had tried multiple flange sizes with no success. But the milk drop cushions have allowed me to heal and make pumping comfortable so I can mentally keep going. ❤️

Milkdrop Breast Pump Cushion
Happy g.g. (Melbourne, AU)
Gift success !

I gave my friend one of your cushions as a gift, she really liked it and immediately ordered a second one. Thank you :-)

How wonderful that your friend felt so comfortable!
Thanks :)

It felt like a nipple hug

It felt like a nipple hug and made pumping far more pleasant

It's almost like you're not pumping

The cushion was so soft on my nipples, it's almost like you're not pumping. It's like the difference between polyester bedsheets and silk bedsheets for your nips.

Extremely comfortable and easy to use.

My nipple fit into milk drop like a glove!

Total game changer!

A million times better than shoving your boob in a hard plastic funnel!

The cushion makes my breastfeeding sessions much more enjoyable, comfortable, stress and pain free.

I feel at ease and able to switch my mind off from pumping.
The cushion is very useful and beneficial I wish I had my hands on one much earlier. The cushion sat nicely on my size and shape breasts
. When detaching the breast pump I did not loose any milk or make a mess of myself.

The cushion was a nice addition to my Spectra pump.

There was minimal pulling/suction sensation at my nipple which was very comfortable & almost felt like I wasnt pumping until I checked that milk was collecting!

The cushion was very comfortable.

Would highly recommend to anyone that struggles with pumping. Use this and any discomfort will reduce or disappear.

It was VERY comfortable.

I couldn't believe how comfortable it was! It really did feel like a little cushion for my breast. I definitely recommend it for anyone who is experiencing discomfort or pain when pumping.

Milkdrop Cushion

The milk drop cushion is the softest, most comfortable attachment for my pump. It has made pumping far more pleasant, reducing all pain and chaffing I normally get with pumping. Highly recommend if you have pain with pumping!