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Try the super-soft pumps everybody is talking about. All Milkdrop pumps come with patented cushion technology.

You'll love Milkdrop's super soft pumps

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  • 10x softer against your skin than any pump

  • 95% of women find pumping more comfy

  • Risk-free sizing support for 30 days

Free sizing support

Nobody does sizing like we do.

We send you the pump that is fitted for your body, rather than forcing you into a standard one or two sizes. All our pumps come with cushions, and some come with inserts as well.

For the first 30 days, we'll help you figure out the best fit to your pump, for your goals and needs, and even switch out cushions sizes for free.

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Cutting-edge design

With Milkdrop, your nipple actually moves with the cushion (that attaches separately to the pump). Our patent pending design (which has taken us 4 years to perfect!) supports your nipple and areola while still allowing them to move, so you’re not crushed up against hard plastic.

They're also designed with soft ridges to mimic baby’s tongue and palate, rather than just a plain ol’ flat silicone circle.

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