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Warming Lactation Massager

Warming Lactation Massager

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Your breasts deserve a little love too. Some studies show that gentle massage and warmth can help to support letdown and milk flow during a pumping session.

Please note: According to the latest guidelines from the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine, massage is not recommended for mastitis, clogged ducts or blebs or any kind of inflammation. This massager can be used to gently stimulate letdown and encourage milk flow - because it feels so darn good!

Why you need it

Your new, vibrating bestie, Milkdrop's Warming Lactation Massager features 10 vibration settings and gentle warming, so you can choose what feels best for your breasts. Warmth and gentle massage can stimulate the release of oxytocin, which can help with letdown and milk flow.

How to use it

Pick your vibration and warming setting and apply directly to your breasts or to your flange. Some people find gently massaging for 2 minutes prior to a pumping session works best, while others use it for their whole pump.

How it works

Heat and gentle (!!) massage have been shown to stimulate letdown and increase milk flow, which can mean more milk during your pumping session. Some people use the massager at the beginning of their session, while others prefer to use it throughout. Plus, it feels nice, and that’s important!

What it's made of

Silicone coating. Not made from natural rubber latex.

What it works with

Like wine and cheese, Milkdrop's Lactation Massager pairs perfectly with our Breast Pump Cushions. Both are designed to make pumping more comfy.

How to clean

She's waterproof, so just make sure to unplug, then wash with warm, soapy water. Air dry on a clean towel.

  • Mum approved
  • Made with no nasties
  • Research backed

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