Most popular pumps.

If you're in the market for pumps, it's hard to know where to start. Based on our market surveys, Medela seems to take the cake, but there's some pump brands with a cult following.

Last year we spoke with 100 mums, to find out how they really felt about breast pumps. We didn't need to ask much to get the conversation flowing. It turns out that mums feel quite strongly about this pumping thing, and have opinions and stories to share.

There were so many insights from the survey, that we've cut it up into posts for easier reading. However, if you're into digesting large slabs of material, or are scrolling through your phone for something to read while you pump, then you can find the full report here.

This post is about which pumps seem to be most popular.

Caption: For some reason, breast pumps are not yet considered the ultimate accessory. Although some brands are giving it a red hot go. Here's Rachel McAdams wearing Versace, Bulgari and Spectra. Photographed by Girls, Girls, Girls magazine.

Which pump do you recommend?

We don't want to promote one pump over another, so we'll just stick to presenting the responses we had from mums.

Popular electric pumps

Medela and Spectra seem to be the most popular electric pumps. Many mums say they come across Medela in the hospital, often renting them after they leave.

Popular manual pumps

The popular manual pumps are more evenly spread. Medela still takes the cake, but closely followed by the Haakaa (which has some very fervent advocates, especially among mums who have a very high supply or strong flow). Philips, Tommee Tippee and Ameda also do quite well.

Remember that this is coming from 100 mums, which is not enough of a sample size to say that this is what Australian mothers re using. We'll update these charts as we speak with more women.

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What mums say.

Here's a thought from one mum on the haakaa passive pump.

"I love the haakaa. I use it to help ease my forceful letdown. My baby often can't cope with the force of milk and splutters and coughs."

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