What women say about Milkdrop

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So comfortable and natural, feels just like bub feeding.

You need to try it.

Perfect addition to an Exclusive Pumpers arsenal!

Love these inserts

These inserts are an ideal options for women who struggle with flange size and comfort

Wish I’d bought these sooner!

Expressing used to be such a chore. It was uncomfortable, time-consuming, and demoralising as I had low supply. After discovering Milkdrop cushions, I felt much more relaxed on the couch, never spilled anything from the flanges, and more milk came out faster too. Definitely recommend.

These are the best!

Every new mom MUST get these! I bought them for my daughter’s breastfeeding journey. She dreaded the pain from pumping until she tried these. So incredibly comfortable & a total game changer! She now pumps painlessly. We will recommend to every new mom!
Thank you!

The cushion is really soft. I wish this product existed when I was pumping!

My wife has found these a lifesaver! We initially had the wrong size, and they change them with no issues or fuss. A fantastic experience.

I absolutely love Milkdrops cushions. I struggled so much with pumping due to pain and swelling no matter what flange size I tried. I dreaded each session before trying these. These cushions prevent your areolas from being sucked into the flange and the soft silicone isnt irritating whatsoever compared to hard plastic. Shipping was fast and customer service is exceptional. I would recommend these as a must-have to any pumping mom.

The bomb dot com. Serious evolved my pumping journey.

Amazing customer service

These cushions were so soft and have such great potential, while they didn’t work for me (my fault), customer service was amazing - like so lovely, prompt and helpful, I would still highly recommend this product to others to try for themselves.

Huge improvement to my pumping experience

Milkdrop cushions have significantly reduced the discomfort (and dread) of pumping for me. I use them with the medela symphony and the freestyle and no longer dread pumping sessions. I did end up getting two sets - S and XS since there are some days when my nipples are a bit swollen and I need the smalls (still working out latching issues with my NB!). On top of having an amazing product, the customer service is excellent - they’re so helpful, attentive and detailed in their responses. I can’t wait to see what else they create!

Like my boob is being cuddled by a cloud

These cushions are such a genius product. So comfortable! They are lovely and soft, making pumping much more pleasant.
I highly recommend Milkdrop!

The cushions feel amazing and soft on your skin - such a good idea!!! This is a definite upgrade to the pumping experience!

Its noticeably more comfortable. I have quite a nasty sore on my nipple and I have been dreading my nightly pump session but with the cushion it doesnt hurt the sore at all.

Comfortable - nice and cushioned!

OMG I wished I had discovered earlier!

This product is simply amazing!! I wish I had known about it 10 weeks ago when my bubba was born. I had so much nipple pain from attempted to feed and hence had to take a break from breastfeeding. Then started pumping but I had too much pain then also so had to give up on that despite changing breast shield sizes a few times etc. Do yourself a favour and just buy them (best for small nipples) because you won't regret it!

Absolute must!

Amazing soft silicone, pumping is so much more comfortable and no more sore nips.
I definitely see a difference in my output too, absolutely obsessed! Will highly recommend to any and everyone ❤️

safe from pain and knowing that I can safely leave my wearable pump on without needing to "check" the damage

MUST HAVE!!! Love love love!

I wish I’ve gotten this earlier. Saved my nippys from that uncomfortable suction. First time it feels like I may have not attached it properly as I felt nothing was getting sucked until I saw the amount of milk getting drained. I am shocked at how comfortable this insert is. Every pumper needs this now!

Game changer

I'm breast feeding one twin and feeding then expressing for the other who cannot latch. At the three month mark I didn't know if I could make it another week, I was sore from expressing and struggling to get out what I needed. As a last ditch attempt I bought the Milkdrop and have been using it for a month now. It makes expressing so much more comfortable and I am expressing more and more efficiently as a result.

Great product for breastfeeding moms

I bought this for my wife and she love this! It's very soft and comfortable to use.

Game changer

Thank you for making this amazing product!

As someone who has found expressing almost impossible due to the discomfort, which meant I wouldn't get a let down, this cushion has been a total game changer.

I'm using it multiple times a day, expressing successfully, and can barely feel the pump even on full strength!

I can't thank you enough for creating this product.

Amazing product and customer service!

I purchased two Milkdrop cushions to try with my pump and immediately saw a huge difference in comfort and pumping time! When I came across an issue with sizing, Milkdrop was super supportive, sending me two different sizes to try with free returns regardless of the outcome. Milkdrop cushions are definitely a must for a pumping mama! You've got nothing to lose supporting this great Australian innovation.