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For every 10 women using a breast pump, 7 have nipple pain or discomfort. By measuring your nipple, you're building a better picture of womens' bodies so that we can re-design the pump to suit all women.

Measure my nipples

You don't have to be pumping to help!

Let's move beyond the ideal nipple

Research into nipple shape and size is surprisingly sparse, often limited to the ideal nipple not the actual one. This affects how we design our products - can we say confidently that breast pumps suit the nipples and breasts of all women?

Design should be diverse

The products we use should account for the full variation of womens' bodies. We'd love your help to create something that works for you and women like you. 

Who are we?

We are engineers, designers and doctors working on changing the way pumping feels for women. We started after Alex (that's her in the picture) had a tough time pumping for her daughter two years ago.

What is Milkdrop Labs?

Milkdrop Labs is where we do our design and prototyping. We run surveys to gather better data to inform design (like this nipple one), and we have a special group of women who share their pumping experience in more detail, and even test our prototypes. If you've got something to say about pumping, then please scroll down to join.

Help us design the pump of the future.

Many women have nipple pain, but many more feel like a cow. We're working on a new kind of pump, and we'd love your input and advice as we go.

It's time for a better pump

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