Content Specialist

We are looking for:

A creative person who can help us make content for our social media, who thinks womens’ health needs attention (starting with breast pumps), and is keen to work in a startup.

Position type: Casual, approx 16-24 hours a week.

Salary: $70,000 pro rata

We think this is reasonable from our research but we’re open to you making the case otherwise.

A bit about you:

  • You love all things content creation, and love how all forms of social media can change the conversation and educate people about causes. 
  • You’re passionate about supporting women, especially in the transition to motherhood.
  • You love to play around with and test ideas. And you get things done. Someone shared an idea for a TikTok? No problem, you’ve already created three by morning tea. 
  • You love the digital world or you’re a digital native - you know your way around TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and email. You know how to engage audiences on these channels, and you know how to tweak your content and messaging for each platform (because you know they’re different). 
  • You have top-notch verbal and written communication skills. You know the difference between their & there and your & you’re and to & too.
  • You have a good design-eye and style. You naturally create and curate beautiful things, and you know how to build and stick to a coherent visual style. You know when to be quick, and when you need to slow down and pay attention to the details. 
  • You’re capable of planning and coordinating small projects. If you don’t already know how to use tools like Notion, Slack, Klaviyo, Shopify, Google Analytics, you’re keen and quick to learn them (with help). 
  • You love to work in a team, and being a curious and clever person, you like to learn from and teach other people too. 
  • Ideally, you have a couple of years of experience developing and publishing engaging and relevant content for brands. But don’t worry, we use the word ‘brand’ lightly, because we’re really open to anything. If your background is in performance art or science communication, we’d be equally excited about that too. 

What your day-to-day will look like:

You’ll work with Jordy (Milkdrop’s Content & Campaign Lead) and Alex (Milkdrop’s founder) to coordinate and execute Milkdrop’s content marketing plan. You’ll be: 

  • Coming up with clever ways to spread the word about our breast pump cushions and how they protect women’s nipples when pumping.
  • Creating TikToks, reels and carousel posts about our cushions, womens’ health and advocacy, women-centred design, our (soon to be launched!) world-first Nipple Encyclopedia and anything else that people who might use our cushion might like.
  • Creating shareable assets from our Pumping Survival Guide, including checklists, summaries and cheat sheets, website banners.
  • Cross-posting (with some tweaks) on all channels: TikTok, Instagram, our Facebook group, LinkedIn, Twitter.
  • Uploading content and campaigns to our website, editing it, scraping together the odd landing page and email flow behind it.
  • Monitoring and reporting how our website, email and social media channels are performing for reach and conversion (we can teach you this, it’s not too tricky if you haven’t done it before). 

A bit about us:

  • We started recently but we’re doing some pretty cool things. We managed to reduce nipple pain and swelling from breast pumps by inventing a completely new product (which we won a Good Design Award for). And, we managed to get funding when startups with at least one woman founder accounted for only 31% of the total number of deals in Australia. We’re launching in the United States next month.
  • We are owned and led by an engineer who came across a problem she is driven to fix. 
  • We want companies and product designers to consider women when they are designing products - this is called “women-centred design” - because we’re sick of women as individuals just not being considered enough when it comes to everything from bras to breast pumps.
  • We are genuinely trying to change large social problems that should be fixed already but aren’t. Things like getting extended parental leave for parents, free childcare and paid superannuation while on parental leave.
  • We are kind people who want to leave this world better than we found it.

Benefits & perks of working with Milkdrop

  • Work in an early-stage startup that is changing the conversation when it comes to women-centered design
  • Get in on the ground floor of an emerging women-led business
  • Collaborate with a focused team doing good things
  • Work with experienced people who are committed to giving you the opportunity to learn and grow
  • Work from home, with flexible hours

Working style, hours and location

You can work from home however best suits you. Jordy wrote this at 5am, so if you operate better at particular times that’s all good. Ideally you would work some of the hours between 9am and 5pm so we can overlap and work together. We are based in Bright in North East Victoria, so if you’re nearby, we’d love to have you in at the office too. 

How to apply

If you like the sound of us and this role and think you can do this job (and most importantly, you think you would enjoy it), we’d love to hear from you.

Send us a TikTok or reel-style video that you think we could post from @milkdroppumps to grow our reach or engagement, and anything else you think is relevant (like a short CV or short cover email) to

Your video doesn’t have to be similar to what’s already up there. In fact, the more different the better! We also want it scrappy - we’re looking for your approach and how you think, not your polish. It can be funny, heartfelt, educational, shocking or an interpretive dance of how breast pumping feels - it’s up to you. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this and we look forward to meeting you!