Our story​


We started this project when I had trouble feeding my first baby thanks to a tongue tie. 

I'd done my reading, and was desperate to breastfeed her. I was taking all the advice, and pumping every feeding cycle to increase my supply. After a week of teary 3-hour feeds, messy sessions with nipple shields, syringes and spilt breast milk, I still wasn't getting much. Worse, my nipples were rubbed raw from the pump. It was a vicious cycle - all that pain and stress was stopping me from getting a letdown. Worst of all, my baby was failing to thrive and becoming lethargic. We returned to hospital, and were sent home mixed feeding (thank god for formula), and were soon back on track.

A few weeks later, the initial stress was gone, but I still had this nagging feeling that the whole experience could have been so much better, or even prevented. It seemed to me that this was yet another area where women's pain and discomfort was overlooked. A small design change to the pumps themselves could make a huge difference to so many women with the same problem. 

I set about creating a new design with the milkdrop team. We created 20 different prototypes until we found one that worked. It felt softer, more like  baby, I had no swelling or discomfort and perhaps because I was relaxed, it seemed to produce more milk. 

Now we want to share it with more mums, so that you can pump more milk, with less pain, discomfort and stress. 

Our first batch will be ready soon, so please do sign up, and let us know what you think in our survey. 

Until then, give your babies a cuddle for us. 


Our Team

Alex Sinickas

CPEng, MSc, BCom


Dr Andrew Mason

MD, BKin


Ravi Bessabava

MArch, BEnv


Daniel Prohasky



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