How to use the cushion

Your cushion comes with an instruction card. Below are more detailed instructions and responses to your frequently asked questions. 

Instructions for Use

The Milkdrop breast pump cushion is designed to protect your nipples and areola to make breast pumping more comfortable. Many mothers have pain and damage from using breast pumps. This can be for many reasons. Two common reasons are that the pump suction is too high and the flange size is not the right size for your nipple. The milkdrop cushion can help protect or relieve the nipple in both cases, especially when the flange size is too large. The ridges behind the cushion are designed to mimic your baby’s suck and will gently massage your areola and breast as the pump sucks the ultra soft silicone against your breast pump flange

Remove any existing inserts from your pump head. Stretch the cushion onto the pump. Make sure it’s nice and snug.

Place your breast against the cushion with your nipple in the hole in the centre. Take a deep breath, relax and pump.

Wash in warm soapy water then air dry on a clean towel. Dishwasher and steam sanitiser safe. Be sure to dry below the rim.


The cushion is 100% medical-grade silicone. It is gentle on your skin, even with cracked nipples. The silicone cushion is made with no lubricants or additives and is strictly tested for safety for you and for your baby. Dispose according to local regulations. 



If you observe redness, irritation, pain or feel the cushion is blocking a milk duct on the outside of your nipple or areola, remove the cushion. Consult your health professional if symptoms persist. 

Cleaning instructions

Wash before use in warm soapy water, rinse in drinking-quality water and air dry on a clean unused towel. You can also pop it in the dishwater, sanitise in steam, or sterilise in autoclave (134°C for 5 mins). You can follow more detailed instructions from the FDA website on how to clean breast pumps.

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