What to put in your pump bag  

Just like when you’re pumping at home, it pays to be organised. Here’s what we recommend to put in your pump bag.

[annotated diagram with:

  • Pump
  • Parts – extra bills
  • Accessories – cushions, pumping bra, breast pads
  • Bag for clean parts + bag for dirty
  • Bottles x 2
  • Scrubber, detergent (if you need)
  • Snacks
  • Spare top
  • Water bottle
  • Ice block (optional)
  • It may help you with letdown to have a photo of your baby or something that reminds you of them.

If you can keep it compact enough, you can pop the whole thing in the work fridge, and you don’t have to separate anything during the day (high chance of losing things). 

Why is the ice block options? Some women use freezer bags with ice blocks to store their pump gear and bottles between sessions, reducing the need to use the work fridge.