Pumping options at work

Returning to work is not just To Pump or Not to Pump. Like most things in life, the options are on a spectrum. Each depends on the age and health of your baby, your feeding situation already, and what most suits you, your family and your type of work. 

Breastfeeding with no pumping……..breastfeeding with pumping……...Formula / other milk

Here are some options women we’ve spoken with have chosen when they returned to work:

  • Breastfeed at work by having someone bring your baby in.
  • Pump at work, and breastfeed when you’re with your baby
  • Pump at work and at home
  • Supplement any of the above with formula or cow’s milk (depending on age)

It may take a while to figure out what works best for you. It will depend on you, your baby, and your work and living situation.