How to get faster letdown

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Relax as much as you can. Try to re-frame your brain into thinking of your pumping sessions as your peaceful time out. Get a cup of herby tea. Clear your head. Meditate. Read. Do yoga if you have a fancy pump that doesn’t leak when you’re upside down. Play music. Get off your phone (or at least look at pictures or videos of your baby). Get your carer to give you a neck massage.

Actually, don’t relax

Having said all that, forced relaxation is the worst nightmare for a lot of women we know, so it may be far more calming to work, chat with a friend on the phone, clean the house, or chill with your baby on the floor. All these more active things are possible with portable pumps.

Apply heat

Heat can stimulate milk flow. Researchers from the University of Western Australia found that using a warm breast pump shield (39°C), as opposed to a regular shield (25°C), increased the efficiency of “milk removal”[1]. What does that mean? Well, the 25 women in the study, when pumping at their maximum comfortable pumping level, collected more milk after 5 minutes of pumping with a heated shield.  It did even out after 15 minutes though, so perhaps this is something to try if you’re short on time. How to warm your shield or cushion attachment? Dip it into water you have just boiled and check it’s not too hot before you place on your skin. You could also try applying a heat pack just before you pump.

Try for multiple Letdowns

You may be someone who can get multiple letdowns. If your milk has stopped flowing, and it hasn’t been too long, you could try to wait for another letdown.



Researchers found that women who heated their breast shield (to 39degC) expressed more milk within the first 5 mins of their pumping session than with a cold flange.

Researchers found that pumping with a warm flange gets more milk. Being science, there’s more detail

Did you know that heat can increase your milk flow?

In 2011, researchers found that pumping with a warm flange allowed women to collect more milk, for the first five minutes of their session. Being science, there’s detail and caveats. DM us for more info.