Which pump to get


Although most mothers (85%) will use a pump at some point, they pump for different reasons.

This means they will start pumping at different points along their feeding journey and with different pumping schedules. For example, if you’re exclusively pumping then you need a very different set up from pumping once every now and then so that your partner can feed your baby overnight.

The problem is that advice on purchasing and using pumps is often ‘one size fits all’, and often reflects the personal breast pump experience of the person giving the advice[9]. This can be great if you are in a similar situation with similar needs and feeding goals, but confusing if you’re not.

Fortunately, this problem was recognised by some researchers a few years ago, and they published a paper to summarise the evidence to help health-care providers provide individualised advice on choosing pump technology that suits each woman. 

Here’s what they found:

  • Comparing the pumps - pump flowchart, leading to one pump - manual vs electric pump / choosing the right pump for the right purpose
  • Pump brand & type summary - the purposes of each pump, which pump is most popular manual vs electric (you’re not alone guide) 
  • pump - which to choose
  • pump - which to choose – anatomy
  • pump - which to choose - at home
  • pump - which to choose - back to work
  • pump - which to choose - exclusive pumpers
  • pump - which to choose - low supply
  • pump - which to choose - milk supply
  • pump - which to choose – relactation
  • pump - which to choose – rent
  • pump - which to choose – reviews
  • pump - which to choose – travel
  • pump - which to choose – twins
  • Which breast pump should I buy
  • What breast pump should I get
  • What breast pump does my insurance cover
  • pump - which to choose - insurance
  • The pump parts, what accessories do I actually need? - best parts for exclusive pumping
  • How to size your nipples for the correct flange size (refer to flange size section)
  • Which breast pump is right for me – quiz
  • Which breast pump is best
  • Which breast pump should I buy
  • Which breast pump is best manual or electric
  • Which breast pump is best for me


One study followed 32 mothers who had babies with low birth weight, through their pumping journey to try to understand the factors that helped or hindered them from starting to express milk and keeping with it[10]. One of the factors, among many, was the use of manual or small electric breast pumps.