What to expect from pumping

  • Range of things that could happen with pumping – how long, how often
  • Reference next section for routines
  • Real life stories on how pumping made women feel 
  • What to expect when you pump – how women describe pumping qualitatively
    • Good
    • Bad
    • Anecdote
  • How might it affect me? - mentally, emotionally & physically - emotional toll, touch on the “feel like a cow” narrative (Guide #1) 
    • reasons for not liking a pump (n = 401) included that it was ineffective (66.1%, n = 265), painful (31.9%, n = 128), noisy (28.4%, n = 114), difficult to clean (13.7%, n = 55), difficult to assemble (13.2%, n = 53), and heavy (12.2%, n = 49). Other reasons were that the pump was difficult to use (n = 17), tiring (n =
  • pumping - what to expect - pump effect on boobs
  • How might my nipples react?- pain, trauma, bruising - how to prevent
  • How might pumping affect sleep?
  • Not just pumping, but cleaning, volumes, pain & routine (briefly list off sections in Chapter 3 and reference)
  • What to expect of volumes
  • Clinician comment
  • pumping and weight loss


Pumping upside



Pumping downside

There are a few things to be aware of with pumping that can make it challenging.

We’re putting this little paragraph in here because we want to give you a heads up about the crappy parts of pumping, so they’re not a huge shock, but also not dwell on them too much to give you anxiety about it.  So here they are, short and sharp.

About 1 in 5 women have pain or damage using breast pumps. We think much of this is avoidable. See here for our troubleshooting section on pain and discomfort.  

Far more women just really hate pumping itself for various reasons. In an exercise run by designers at the MIT Media Lab, 1000 mothers submitted ideas on how to “make pumps not suck”. When the researchers analysed their submissions, they found some common negative words appearing over and over. We believe that again, much of this negative experience is avoidable if we can set up good support systems, and even our expectations. See here for how to set yourself up well for pumping, and here on how to  you do it.