The Milkdrop Base schedules

Here are some schedules based on the number of times you are pumping per day. You can use these as a starting point for developing a schedule that works for you.

Choose the number of sessions you need to pump per day (speak with your lactation consultant if you’re unsure), and start your session whenever there is a red dot.

☝️ This is a base schedule that you can start with.

Remember to change it to suit you!

These base schedules are focused on:

  1. Getting you one straight stretch of sleep. If you’re not finding sleep an issue (🎉 yay you!), then you might want to make your sessions more regular, rather than spacing them apart at night.
  2. Clustering pump sessions in the morning, when many people find they have more milk available. If this isn’t you, then change them up to suit.
  3. Spacing out your sessions as evenly as possible.

You can use them as a start, but adapt as you learn what works best for you.