It’s no mistake that we’ve put this section immediately after the part where we talk about pumping and pain and pumping and increasing milk supply.

For many people, pumping is really hard. If this is you, you’re not alone.

  • You may not have chosen to pump, but needed to because your baby or you are unwell
  • You may find the pressure of wanting to feed your baby breast milk over formula
  • List reasons why you might emotionally find it tough


How to pump and stay well

  • Mindset section: General note on how you’re feeling, physically, emotionally and mentally - overwhelmed. You don’t have to be overwhelmed, what you’re doing is remarkable, and here’s some information to help clear the fog and make sense of everything. Details on specific problems, self care tips and hacks. We’re writing this section for people who are deep in the pumping “experience” - pumping more than twice a day, and trying to feed, and struggling.
  • Know you’re not alone. MIT study, Clemens & Amir study, Milkdrop study
  • Staying well-adjusted is hard
  • Try not to count the volumes
  • Validating emotions, it is ok to not like pumping?
  • Listening to you mind & body
  • Put socks over your bottles so you don’t read the volume and can reduce stress.
  • BREAST MILK IS NOT A DANDELION. It will not poof into the wind with a little shake, a few days in the fridge or a few extra months in a freezer.
  • “Avoiding stress is really not an option for most mothers juggling many aspects of their lives. However you can make choices that leave your body and mind in better shape to produce the milk that your baby needs. Here are some workplace and social life verbs to help you de-stress your life:Procrastinate - delegate - defer - accept less than perfection - be average - achieve the minimum - be flabby - wear maternity clothes for another month - be late - let people down - get a pedicure - call an old friend - skip facebook and insta”
  • Mindset (really important) 
    • Reminder on how pumps can make women feel
    • Why mindset is important, and what you’re doing has an impact
    • Tips for staying sane: (run through the next few sections - clear your setup area, set up your systems and schedules, recruit your partners and carers, understand volumes + pain.
    • Not counting volumes
    • Listening to body & mind
    • Validating emotions, mindfulness, the sound of pumping: ways to tune out/how to feel good when pumping