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How (and why) to measure your nipple

Not sure which size Milkdrop cushion is right for you? Measuring your nipple is super easy, and getting the right sized cushion and flange combination will make sure your next pump is as comfy as possible.

Here's how to measure your nipple for fitting a Milkdrop cushion. 

  • measure your nipple not your areola
  • measure your nipple not your flange size
  • measure before you pump so that your nipple isn't already swollen
Choose your cushion
There is a Milkdrop cushion to fit all flange sizes for the compatible pumps listed below. Check the list below for your size (nipple width), and the flanges that it works best with: 
  • XS cushion - up to 15mm, fits any pump flange size between 15mm and 30mm. 
  • S cushion - 16 to 20mm, fits any pump flange size between 15mm and 30mm.
    • M cushion - 21 to 25mm, fits any pump flange size between 20mm and 30mm.
    • L cushion - 26 to 30mm, fits only pump flange sizes 32mm+. If you are measuring this size, please contact us at so we can double-check your pump setup. 

     *** Top tip #1! Start trying your Milkdrop on the smallest flange size/sizing insert that you have available that fits your nipple. While Milkdrop fits the standard flange size that most pumps come with (about 24mm), it will be most comfortable when you use it with the flange that is closest to your size. This is especially important for people with elastic, flatter or inverted nipples. 

    *** Top tip #2! Remember to remove any existing cushion inserts, even the inserts that come with your pump. If you're using a simple sizing insert (that is just fitting into the tunnel to change its size, then that is fine!) 


    Here are the steps again: 

    Once you have your cushion, check that your nipple fits into the hole and can move freely. If you have any pain or discomfort using the cushions, stop using them, and contact us. 

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